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Oh dear....

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Confirmed huge layoff in February 2018

With the seasonally empty buildings the execs are letting their guards down and having hallway conversations that would normally take place in secret. Today while in a breakroom in the Palo Alto office I overheard two execs discuss in detail the... read more
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Job offer at HPE or DXC Technology

I got a job offer at HPE and DXC Technology this week after several months layoff. Should I take the HPE or DXC job . I have heard both companies are solid in their space but also read bad things about them especially about Megtonio. What should I... read more
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How Meg Stole Christmas

So as we approach Christmas and the spirit fills the air Stockings neatly hung by the chimney with care Santa Claus will not be coming even though he still cares It's because greedy Meg Whitman has already been there She's stolen all the presents for... read more
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Laying off before Christmas

90% of my team was laid off on Monday of this week. Those of us on vacation Monday got our notices yesterday. Merry Christmas to us.....All US based, our work moving overseas. So yes they do lay off folks before Christmas. They don’t give a sh--... read more
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It’s simply obscene...

The Wall-Street-beloved Meg Whitman laid off thousands of employees during her tenure (destroying countless families), and also destroyed the legacy of Hewlett and Packard - with Antonio Neri chartered to finish the remaining dirty work. I get... read more
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Being laid off one year ago

On Dec 5th of last year my husband was laid off. We just had a working visa and had to leave in 60 days . Last X'mas was the worse holiday we've ever had. Fortunately, my husband found a new job and new company gave him stock and other benefits ... read more
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Lame excuse about not giving bonuses

They can’t keep dangling the carrot every year, then offer some lame excuse about not giving bonuses. Morale cannot be lower, employees will not be motivated to work nights, weekends, holidays, etc., for nothing in return (as happens now). The place... read more
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Megtonio is trying hard...

...to win over the customers (existing and potential), wall street, and even the employees. He has been pretty active in social media. Even if he genuinely wants a successful HPE, the damage made by his predecessor is just way too much to revert. In... read more
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Can we get back to actual WFR posts instead of Megtonio dramas?

I have not heard of any WFR on the Monday after Thanksgiving. I expect Megtonio to not WFR anyone until mid-January, just before Q1 ends. For now, Megtonio and their Megnions are having a party at HPE Discover spending millions for 3 days this week... read more
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Goliath's Prophecy

The Goliath's Prophecy by Ivan del Valle, CMBB, CSM, CSPO, ITIL-F - Source below... “Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.” - Malcolm Gladwell, on his... read more
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"Hewlett Packard Enterprise: A Company In Chaos"

Finally the market is seeing the truth behind the smoke and mirrors: "-Despite reporting in-line results in Q4, HPE stock fell on news of CEO Meg Whitman's departure. -HPE fundamentals are still a complete mess, with declining revenues in its core... read more
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It's Official - Meg is OUT...

HPE said Tuesday that Whitman will step down from the CEO role on February 1, more than six years after she joined what was then called Hewlett Packard. Whitman will remain on the board. Antonio Neri, currently the president of HPE, will succeed... read more
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No bonuses !!!!

Meg's parting shot, there will be no bonuses for HPE because we didn't perform. You know she will hit all her kpis and make millions. Then an engineer friend of mine at Aruba tells me they are getting bonuses but are told not to tell anyone at HPE... read more
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Microfocus Pleasanton Layoffs

Microfocus HPE had layoffs at Pleasanton office last month. The media completely ignored it.
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Come back home, my beloved daughters and sons...

... Things will be so different this time, so come back to papa. Much lower salaries, less benefits, at least 70% of the population 25 years old or younger... You know this is what you want. Come on... Give me a hug and kiss my chin! DXC Technology... read more
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The captain should go down with the ship

or in our case, the ship went down because of the captain - I now give up and will resign tomorrow - looking for a new job without having to look over my shoulder has to be better than this and I am worth more than what HP is doing to us all.
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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be HPE Code-Writers

Short Version is… At HPE, because of constant layoffs, layoffs being informed by your performance reviews… And with your performance reviews, via “grading on the curve”, making it such that you have GOT to make your co-workers look BAD, so that you... read more
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Lots of layoffs today in the USA

In addition to me being laid off today, with 25+ years I heard of many others across the USA.
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Bezos sold $1B Amazon stock! Here come fiolettsk.rus!

According to the geniuses on this site, every time an HPE executive sells stock, that means they are leaving the company, doing something nefarious, or preparing for layoffs. Or, they could just want to make money, as there is no point in holding... read more
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HP Pension Annual Rate

If one gets WFR'd, are we required to transfer our HP Pension to an IRA? I have been with HP/HPE for 23 years now. I received a mail about options to transfer out the pension to an IRA. Maybe because I am with HPE. I ignored it and kept it where it... read more
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Oh, well HPE! 18 years down the drain!

Laid off in May after almost 18 years. Oh and who is doing my work now... someone in Costa Rica they hired full time 1 week before laying me off...gotta love it...not
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Worst Company I Ever Worked For!!!

HP/HPE has got to be the worst company I've ever worked for. I had to code solutions that all of the offshore saviors couldn't deliver on to save their lives! I understand the "why" (money) of outsourcing but I truly believe companies that outsource... read more
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HPE's core business

What is HPE's professed core business? We know its not software - that got spun out. We know its not consulting or services - that was spun as well. We know its not computers or printers - also spun. We know its not test equipment - spun long ago. We... read more
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Checkmate to us in Houston...

Now everything makes sense... I've been hearing for weeks that we (employees based in Houston) were going to take a big hit before the year end. The offices "relocation" is nothing more than the perfect excuse to slash the current staff from 3,000 to... read more
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