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Where’s the match?

DA said it was increasing but no email came out telling us when it was gonna happen and no mention of it in the town hall summary. What’s the deal?
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Com on Man

If Walmart and others can do it..... STEP UP HONEYWELL. GREEDY and SLACK!
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Are they RIFing people in the functions?

Looks like they have been picking off people in the functions (finance, IT) little by little since january 1. I've also seen memos calling for a 20% reduction across the board for all SBGs, no exceptions (people, budget, contracts etc). Anyone else... read more
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Honeywell Restroom Policy/Processes

One big problem I found after separation from Honeywell is that nobody cared (so much, anymore) about my restroom habits. Our manager informed us in a group meeting that an AZ (Tucson) facility had advanced concern about employee restroom visits that... read more
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Phoenix PSE Group

Another Friday, wait every day is Friday now that I’m retired at 59. Thank God for poor planning on the working from home screw up by management and leadership. It’s awesome folks, if your close, do it! Enjoy life while you have your health and... read more
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More Outsourcing

Our whole department was rif’d today. No warning but. Come on, nothing is unexpected here is it? Specialty Products Group. Our whole group has been outsourced. Yes we got severance. Still s---s.
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ISC touch labor RIF's and no official announcements

Well the employees were told of the new RIFs but no official notice.......someone needs to see if HW is meeting their legal requirements on reporting layoffs to the government....even though our government does little to protect American... read more
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No more suing Honeywell

Heavens forbid he try to fight for himself: An Ohio federal judge on Tuesday blocked a former Honeywell worker who has sued the company several times for failing to rehire him from raising such allegations again without a judge’s permission, saying... read more
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Fixed vacation coming back...?

Strong rumors that fixed vacation is coming back and will be capped at 4 weeks max, regardless # of years service Bye bye unlimited vacation... we hardly knew you
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Sick time didn't carry over

Anyone else see that sick hours from last year aren't showing up in e charge as carry over, just this year's new balance?
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This is the Sign You Were Waiting For

Do your family a favor and go find a better job. They deserve it. / If you look with patience, you will find: ** Better health insurance ** Competitive pay ** Appreciation for a work well done ** True merit increases ** Timely... read more
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$14 Billion in Cash

According to Bloomberg, Honeywell has $14 billion (yes, billion) in cash it intends to spend on stock buybacks, acquisitions, and dividends. Keep that in mind when they tell you the company can’t afford janitorial services, let alone decent medical... read more
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More RIFs after the first of the year?

I'm hearing more RIFs on the way after the new year starts. Hearing pretty bad...anyone have any info on this? I've heard the functions will be hit pretty badly followed by the SBUs....
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Promisses Promisses

People Just got laid off under RIF, seems to be Honeywell's no 1 policy regarding employees. In all honesty, I think those who got fired are better off than those who remain in the company and anxiously await the already announced 'alignment of... read more
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It's the 22nd!!

They said they were done with the RIFs but the letter said the 22nd we shall see who survives
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30+ years at Honeywell.

Retiring after 30+ years at Honeywell. Not even a thank you from my management. Good luck. Take care of yourself and find a better job. Employees ARE NOT their greatest resource.
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sorry you are going through yet another round of layoffs

It s---s to see so many of my coworkers going through this crap AGAIN! I hope you all find better jobs if you get let go. I'm sorry Honeywell leadership is absolute garbage and couldn't lead their way out of a wet paper bag with a machete.....But be... read more
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Christmas Bonus

AT&T and Boeing just announced a Christmas bonus. Will Honeywell follow?
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Tax Cut Passes

Will Honeywell share the new tax savings with employees? AT&T and Fifth Third Bank giving Employees $1,000 bonus. Honeywell step up to the plate and reward your USA workers.
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furloughs and senior execs?

Wasn't TM an ex marine? probably never learned this lesson. See end of the TED Talk Seems layoffs are the first choice. None of the leaders of this company would ever think of them taking a pay cut or sharing in the pain. lack of loyalty to those... read more
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Any end of the year layoffs?

People at the office have been talking about another round of layoffs this month but nobody is giving any specific info or knows where the rumor originated. Been trying to find some info here, but no luck. Do we know if there'll be another round in... read more
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The Zoo

Working at Honeywell reminds me of a Zoo I visited a while ago. Took the family, paid my money, and discovered they had only one animal to view. There was only a dog to look at. The dog looked back at me. It was a Shih Tzu.
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Honeywell Greer can save money by:

Cut the low performers in Special Processes in Greer and cut all incompetent special processes engineers. Oh I forgot there are several supervisors and the plant manager should be cut as well. Oh I should have said cut the entire leadership team and... read more
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What are the numbers for the ISC RIF? In other threads I've seen 3 Albuquerque 6 Plymouth (seems like a lot) 2 Torrance Can anyone confirm numbers and updates on other sites? Number of volunteers/forced? All my best to those impacted involuntarily... read more
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Cost Savings Ideas?

Anyone have any cost savings ideas besides just cutting the folks who actually do something and provide value? I would say to start with... 1) Less cloud - these d1p5hits at the top don't realize putting stuff in the could is faster and gives you... read more
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Torrance Layoffs

Layoffs started yesterday. 2 people I know got RIF'd, right before Christmas!
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Honeywell Pensions Question(s)

Being a legacy Honeywell employ, we were given two pension choices back in c.2001(?), after the merger with Allied. One was to stay with the old plan, and accrue increases as always. The 2nd choice was to opt for a lump sum valuation, based on... read more
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Horrible turnover

We've suffered a catastrophic level of voluntary attrition in Ottawa. It's so bad that we can't execute programs anymore. Management deals with it by pretending there's nothing wrong, so we just keep losing top talent. This is definitely not just an... read more
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IT Rifs

What’s happening with the Rifs in IT? Hearing people have been notified
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