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A Silver Lining

From what I understand, there's a shakeup in the upper levels of RES management. New VP, new director, and on down the line. I hear one of the first orders of business is to outsource maintenance and kill the space rates.
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Halliburton is for LOSERS

Go get a real job people. I’m earning and learning so much more than when I was at halliburton. It’s definitely bringing in more opportunities for me. Don’t be lazy and get down to do some job searching. It’s gonna be rewarding.
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Layoffs in Jan 2018

company streamline in Jan 2018. Good luck.
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On a positive note ..

rumor has it there may be some Baker assets up for sale. Maybe pursue a plan to buy up Baker? Should consider
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Big Changes Coming in UK

Seems the war between ABERDEEN and London top guys will end with our local boy taking the bullet. Sad day but no one keeps the American in LONDON in check due to the pictures he has of someone....he has ruined this region. They talk about check ins... read more
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Hard to find workers now

We knew this was coming, didn't we (source below): MIDLAND — Three years ago, when crude prices still floated above $100 a barrel and the nation's oilfields were booming, Clint Concord could hire 20 new workers a day in the West Texas oil patch to... read more
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Singapore Sperrytech Team leads.!!

What can you say about your current lead in Sperrytech(LMWD/DD/A&T)? All are useless highpaid uncapable no brainers who only knows how to approve timesheet. I hope their direct managers would be aware of their incompetence. Everything is going... read more
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Execution company

Well it's good to see we are still hitting the targets on quater results. Does that mean baroid abz get increase on offshore day rate and extra payments for working offshore xmas and new year we have waited near 5 years for salary increase of 2,9 per... read more
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What do you think of the Singapore TAM and his leads?

so do you think they’re capable in all ways to lead the teams. Or are they just using innocent fresh grads to help them achieve their career goals.. when will these leads be laid off?!?! Most of them are god damn useless, esp that c--t licker E***
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Halliburton Layoffs 2018

I wanted to see if there are any rumors or gossip about possible layoffs in Houston.
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Layoffs at Landmark today

Some long-time sales people. No other details at the moment.
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Lost Opportunity

Hal has all the pieces to set itself apart from the competition like it was at one time many years ago but so far has refused to do it. They are one of the few that can build their own equipment but for some PSLs, the design engineers have no... read more
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Is It True?

That when senior management makes a 'field inspection' trip, or addresses a safety meeting, that the facility involved is charged a speaking fee, that depending on the managerial level of the speaker, runs from the low five figures, to someone like... read more
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We need to do the following:

We need to focus on our customers and provide them with the best product line, support and service. PERIOD! We need to remove all of the milk rooms, coffee bars, snack bars, daycare, gymnasium, prayer rooms and all thother stupid crap. We need to... read more
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Management must change from the top down

Management must change from the top down and they need to re-evaluate what a manager/management actually is. Management directly impacts all aspects of a company. They need to get that under control if we are going to succeed! Otherwise, we will... read more
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Team lunch from incompetent Singapore team leads

Time for incompetent team leads to show leadership skills by offering free lunch!! Quality of work is going south due to incompetent team leads. Who says their job is to approve timesheet. Few arrogant so called SMEs in Singapore taking advantage of... read more
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Halliburton culture change for the worse

Hal has become a liberal left company They are not interested in being the industry leader in the oil and gas industry They want to be the leader of diversity to show the world that they care They have replaced the working class Americans with low... read more
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Cuts in GOM this week

Dozens at all levels from managers down. Supposedly no one whose name is on a ticket...
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Scope design

For all you guys working in technology, your scope has always been designed in such a way that it totally removes all opportunity to have an all rounded learning. Have you liaised with customers? Have you procured your own materials and seen the... read more
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An Inconvenient Truth

/ Economic storm on the horizon - The rise of battery-powered cars threatens disaster for Houston's oil and gas economy. Being the fourth largest city... read more
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Holy crap! Did you see that presentation by D & E executive Carre? It was more vague than a Clinton Benghazi deposition. 30 minutes of vagueness. Just one nugget to look forward to: We will be drilling wells with computers in 5 years. So long to the... read more
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Your efforts will never be appreciated

Time to leave halliburton you fools. Your work will never be appreciated. Only the upper management will climb the hierarchy while you look at your pathetic pay.
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Change of trustee of Retirement Plan

Just got a notice that the trustee of the Halliburton Retirement and Savings Plan is changing to the Northern Trust Company. Does anyone know any details? Will Fidelity continue to be the plan administrator?
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Will North Belt Campos be open Friday

Due to the hurricane ? i may just stay home, hekl it s friday anyway
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Is your product competitive

undisclosed combo offering from competition, kept under the radar. potentially market changing and will out perform competition and force them to play catchup. combo product offering known only by project names at this time. Frac-nstein and Bride of... read more
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6 years waiting pay rise for 2 per cent poor

Not to happy with this pay rise as we say in Scotland piss poor from upper management work hard for the company and get little it's also poor that pot of money goes to manager for him to decide who gets what's. How hard is it for this company to get... read more
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More Competition for Fewer Jobs

Houston-based NRG Energy said it laid off employees in Texas and around the country on Monday and Tuesday, as part of the company's effort to cut costs, slash debt and boost its stock price.
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Did Uncle Dave Manipulate The Stock Price?

Remember that just a few months ago, and BEFORE Uncle Dave announced that he was allowing Little Jeff to step up and sit in his chair, Halliburton stock was priced in the low to mid $50 per share range. After that high, and after Uncle Dave took up... read more
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Your thoughts and opinions?

I got laid off from oil industry (NOT Halliburton) about a year ago. Soon, I was able to get a job with less pay in a completely different industry - the pay wasn't as great as oil industry but much more stable than oil industry. Recently, I got... read more
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Trust us we want to be friends.

OPEC's daily oil production has vaulted nearly 1 million barrels above a self-imposed ceiling, as Libya and Nigeria recover, a new report says. The Saudi-led group pumped 32.82 million barrels a day in July, the year's highest level, and up by... read more
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Serious question...

Has anyone actually received a letter about Focal Point with their increase percentage details? Smarta$$es and dumba$$es need not reply.
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