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GE is an operations' company, run by finance

as someone I admired (who left GE) used to put it, very insightfully: "GE is an operations' company, run by finance'. Forget any industrial (digital?) strategy, forget a truly customer-centric approach, forget the technological leadership. The... read more
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Layoffs criteria?

Anybody knows how GE determines who'll be laid off? What criteria is used? I'm just curious, considering that I've seen some of the best employees let go. I'm going to assume their age or pay are taken into account? But wouldn't that trigger possible... read more
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GE Six Sigma

Its hard to believe that GE management was stupid enough to replace technology experts with six sigma black belts at every level of management. Now power can't make any money Look what they did to the ability to execute, and cost structure of the... read more
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GE Kleptocracy = Stock Price $17

I wish I had two jet airplanes to take me to the grocery store like Jeff Immelt It would also be nice getting promoted and getting stock options for knowing little and juat making quick changes to promote myself. This is the new GE GE has turned into... read more
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Not just GE

Every company has its own story, as well as industry but the ending is the same. Layoffs going on everywhere. Tech- Big Layoffs IBM / Microsoft... read more
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Two-Jet Jeff

The main thing that worries GE is how to keep this type of publicity from getting known outside GE and in the media. Two-Jet Jeff Gate is only the tip of the iceberg. This type of excessive money wasting has been the norm at GE for a very long time.
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Massive flood Nisky R&D

Clean room shut down for extended period, still drying out, early estimates of $10-20M in damage. Worth cost to put back online?
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Not just GE

Some here seem to think these layoffs are isolated to GE and its power division. Here we have IBM laying off "another 500" because they've been laying people off for a year or two, along with just about every major tech company... read more
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Real Problem Is GE Power Management

The real problem is GE Power management. We used to have world class experts that grew up in the business and knew it from bottom up in great depth in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, and the service business. Most of... read more
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Schdy Hourly only told

No permanent hourly layoffs for now going into Q1
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How many in Norwalk?

GE Digital announced 80 in Norwalk last week but how many were laid off in Norwalk from Corp and Global Ops in Oct/Nov? How many are left in Norwalk?
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Worth a read from somebody from Alstom

As someone currently in the middle of this Alstom mess, I can verify this is a true possibility that Alstom may bankrupt GE power and maybe even GE whole. Alstom had 5x the headcount they needed to support their level of sales/work with dozens of... read more
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GE run like a finance company

Why is it that most of the senior management are finance people in a “Digital Industrial” Company? Flannery - Capital guy Stokes - Finance guy etc etc... How do these people have the technical knowledge to run the company? How can the HR allow this... read more
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2018 will be brutal

Frankly, I believe that the announced 12k layoffs are just the beginning. $3.5 Billion is a huge amount, and it's going to require even more drastic measures to achieve. More layoffs and more closings are guaranteed. GE will be a shadow of its former... read more
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Christmas is coming.....

So be sure to go spend one of your last few paychecks on worthless junk made in China so the rest of the world can continue to prosper even as you lose your job and go down the drain. Kthnxbye
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GE Made Same Mistakes As Westinghouse

GE Made Same Mistakes As Westinghouse . Getting rid of manufacturing, moving out of Pittsburgh to many facilities all over, disrupting the technical capabilities and cashing in assets to cover increasing cost of quality and lousy cost structure from... read more
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GE Management Incompetence - The New GE

GE management is very poor because they promote people with little technical knowledge these days. What made the old GE great was promoting only experts who worked their way up from the bottom, and knew the businesses they would manage. Todays GE... read more
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Incompetence and arrogance

Cutting 12,000 heads has to be the clearest indicator of how incompetent senior management is in GE. As an engineer in GE Power, I've been used to having my technical decisions highly scrutinized. And rightly so. If we put out a product that fails... read more
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Good news for Schdy

"The plant at the foot of Erie Boulevard in Schenectady manufactures steam turbines and generators, and has a significant backlog of work."... read more
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GE Cuts 12k Double Edged Sword

Power business is down and company in a down turn in general. But... The cuts being mostly in Europe helps the U.S. get more of the work. As Europe was a supposed threat to getting our orders.
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The Alstom deal has the capability of bankrupting GE Power

The Alstom deal has the capability of bankrupting GE Power, and ultimately the GE corporation. It was a ridiculous duplication of capacity, facilities with no synergy to GE Power existing turbine generator product departments. It further diluted what... read more
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GE Stock At $11 to $14 = Huge Layoffs

Many stock analysts believe GE stock may only be worth $11 to $14 if hey can't turn around the company quickly and that will result in huge cuts even greater than the 12,000 and $3.5 Billion already announced for 2018. The problem is that GE Power... read more
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GE Power Structural Problem = Huge Layoffs

GE Power has huge structural problem of bloated costs, duplication, and cash flow out instead of inward. This is because of bad and inexperienced management decisions last decades getting rid of parts manufacturing, dumbing down the service business... read more
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Brace yourself Greenville.

For those that made it thorough the interview process and were saved by the good old boy network. You make need to brush up on your golf skills and rub elbows a little deeper for the next wave in Q1. The spare unit has dropped again and units are... read more
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Is the Answer to the Question that Hard?

This explains why GE Power will not recovery quickly.....key paragraph and root cause, from early November before the sh-t hit the fan on the 13th. / “Is that what you... read more
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We do know Q1 will be slow, ESP. in stfa then a big increase in work for Q2,3. So maybe just a TLOW
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Reduced severance?

I've heard that due to the huge number of people being laid off and General Electric's current financial situation that's anything but good, severances will take a major hit. Anybody knows if this can actually happen, or are people only making wild... read more
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GE Layoffs = FieldCore Disaster

GE Power turbine service recently fired all their workers and told them the can come back and work for their Temp agency called FieldCore. It used to be called Granite Service and Penn Power but they recently changed their name to FieldCore because... read more
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Jack, Jeff, John. Seems like a clear pattern of J's like parents naming their kids. Who is next in line that starts with J? I am thinking a woman next since GE is on a mission to promote women.
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Less than 3% in Schdy

If this is true, probably no production job cuts /
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Maybe Schdy wont be have layoffs

And in some cases, GE plans to shut entire locations, meaning the cuts won't be spread proportionally at each site. One unofficial estimate had the cuts at less than 3 percent of the Schenectady workforce, which would be much lower than the 20... read more
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Worth reading

I was at GRC, but the issues were similar to what folks are complaining about now in the GE businesses. When I started 30+ years ago, the managers had nearly all started at the bench, and worked their way up technically before moving into management... read more
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Bad Management

Many here talk about bad management as if the top execs don't know or are stupid. Has it ever crossed your mind that the people who run one of the largest companies in the world aren't dumber than the new hire out of College, but instead simply don't... read more
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Is Nuclear power division affected in the 12,000 in Global Power Business layoffs?
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