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The Bloodbath Begins At GE

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Ge layoffs

Ge Power layoffs 12,000, what does that mean for BHGE?
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December 2017 Layoffs at GE O&G

The rumors are accelerating, what's the likelihood that the rumors are correct? Thoughts?
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Baker Mess

We spent sweet $34B on buying Baker Hughes. What for? It's a dying industry and look at the management mess in Aberdeen North Sea. They lost work and revenue big time.
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December 2017 Layoffs at GE O&G

Post any updates in this thread. This is for December 2017 only - I see that people are using Dec 2016 thread - this is wrong as all data is from 2016.
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This was back in February

NOTICE_DATE: 2017-02-01 JOB_SITE_NAME: GE Manufacturing Services - GEMS COUNTY_NAME: Denton WDA_NAME: North Central Texas WDA TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER: 208 LayOff_Date: 2017-04-03 WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE: 2017-02-01 CITY_NAME: Ft. Worth From WARN notice filed... read more
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Farmington Closure

Heard this week that effective 9/22/17, GE O&G will cease operations in Farmington, NM, where Cooper Energy Services/Cooper Cameron/Cameron opened a shop in 1988. Primary clients used to be CoP and BP, who have both left the basin. Williams and... read more
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OKC Compression Systems 2101 SE 18th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129

There is a rumor going around that the facility Compression Systems in OKC is going to get shut down or moved to Houston. Anybody else heard anything about that? Or heard different?
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Ge Oil and Gas Aldine Westfield

14 layoffs yesterday. They say no more for the rest of the year.... Guess we will see
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GE Oil and Gas layoffs

GE Oil and Gas INC 1150 Schwab Road, Schertz Texas 78132 , started a massive Laying off its permanent GE employees full time hourly and salary employees and keeping its contractors? August 16, 2017 whats going on? All we were told by CEO... read more
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Ge Schertz Aug 16, 2017

Ge oil and gas Schertz lays off 80% of their employees before lunch on Aug 16, 2017, coming from a previous employee with a friend who's still in that shop luckily.
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More leakage than Trump

Soooo. Word Is plant closures due to consolidations and Lm. NHR, DDC, and HHP on the list?
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Vacation/sick time

How much vacation/sick time do you guys get? Also, how much does it change for years of service?
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pension and 401K

What will happen to GE Oil and Gas Employees who are grandfathered into the pension plans? Will it still be available? What about the GE Oil and Gas employees who were hired after 2011 and were not grandfathered into the pension plan, and are in the... read more
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A suffix of BAKER HUGHES
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GE's not stopping for anybody

Talk bad about BH if you want. But we all know how GE runs companies. All out. No brakes. Straight into the ground. They know people will leave and the core stays because of faith. Get ready BH. You're nothing but a name in the past now. Will be in... read more
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Not looking good

With land rigs and oil heading south. The end is coming for GE. With Baker along time to consolidate and regroup meaning people losing jobs. Hang on!!! Yup, this about sums it up. There is no scenario I can imagine that will not lead to layoffs, the... read more
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Stand by HTC, NHR, DDC, and HHP

Be prepared from a visit from HR in the next couple of days. Good luck.
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Welcome Baker

The red carpet is out for you. Come and pick your cubicle space. All are welcome.
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Incompetent GE

Just heard 100 posts being axed by GE Oil & Gas in UK. Is this to pay for Jeff Immelts $200 million package for retirement. Also Baker executives share $100 million as sweetener in golden parachute payments. They will already be big share holders... read more
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Management Skills

GE are asking for trouble if they leave things to BH . Look at the revenue lost at Stoneywood due to bad management. The facts are there to confirm.
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New structuring

So it is true NHR is restructuring. But the same old tired personal. Younguns get ready for shoot out
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payoffs to the top dawgs for merger

BH: CEO Martin Craighead is expected to receive $41 million Belgacem Chariag, president: $18 million; Arthur Soucy, technology and products president: $16 million; CFO Kimberly Ross: $15 million; Richard Williams, senior adviser: $13 million; Derek... read more
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Merger job impact -

Where do you see layoffs coming with the merger? No real info coming out yet of how they intend to structure the business - but there are areas of overlap.. both cant run in tandem.. . Like.. ESP Business. Thoughts?
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further headcount reductions O&G Q2/Q3 '17 ?

21st April.. Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE, said the company's deal with Baker Hughes remains on track. "We expect the deal to close in mid-2017," "We are executing a $2 billion cost out program over 2017 and 2018 to deliver more value to our... read more
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Layoff with unacceptable way without any reason

Dear Head managements, After greetings for you all the below text is one of the corruption things happening in Your branch in EGYPT. Last week the XLP for oil and gas &HR manager and senior operation for LUFKIN in EGYPT decided to lay off 10... read more
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Winter is over!!!!

There will be raises this year!! No more layoffs. The darkest of days are over. Too bad none of the sacrificial lambs will be called back. It is for the best. No use in looking back. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the light is good.
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GE Schertz downfall.

Schertz has had basically one major contract in the past 3 years which has been a complete and total failure. The profit margin which was $150 million is gone as of august last year. The TMS division came in and took over for the DTS team in August... read more
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