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Power Layoff

/ GE Is Laying Off 12,000 People From Its Power Business General Electric plans to lay off 12,000 people from its GE Power business unit as part of a broad effort to cut $3.5 billion in costs by... read more
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Did you hear the key data point at GE Digital All Hands?

Listen to the replay again when Khozema talks about $200m in cost out to get 2018 op plan down to around $1b. Then he mentions additional cost challenges from corporate to be determined and mentioned another $200m in cost out as a possible outcome... read more
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GE Digital All Hands

Bill Ruh sounds drunk -- keeps saying things are "uncertain" and how hard that is for everyone. That's not the issue--the issue is that the leaders have looted the company and made poor decisions so we now need to be laid off. Bill Ruh should go... read more
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Why no noise in media?

How come there's no mentioning of GE layoffs on the news? I saw an headlines of 150 people laidoff at ESPN, but no mentioning of huge and massive GE layoffs.
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Start at the Top

Fire Ruh, Drumgoole, Fowler, Dumann for starters.
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So much blame to go around

So much blame to go around. The endless ITLP and leadership programs that created ill experienced, arrogant mini monsters. The C level leadership who made disastrous investments and decisions. HR and people managers treating employees like garbage... read more
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I’m 5 months gone after two decades of GE IT

What is Digital now? Is BR still bouncing around and failing at telepresence? Is Predix getting canned yet? Or is everyone still saying “this is fine, it’s great that we have a Miami hub”?
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Predix has destroyed all that is good in GE Digital.

I am going to echo what some others have already said. Predix has destroyed all that is good in GE Digital. Over the past year or two the phrase "death spiral" has come up in conversation more and more. And last week many teams, which had profitable... read more
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laying off those on top would save much more money

The real change and cost savings should start from the top, not the bottom! Stop blaming the little guys.... they were just executing on failed and frequently changed strategy. Bringing "big shots" from google, msft, apple, oracle, etc. and paying... read more
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Stop guessing and blaming

Posters seem to be blaming everybody and guessing when and where layoffs will come. It seems to me just meaningless exercise. Here is what i have found out that may be interesting but realize we can't have any input into what is happening so it is... read more
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Flannery presentation didn't show GE Digital

I attended Flannery Monday meeting and notice that digital wasn’t represented in the Preliminary revenue recognition standard transition impact: 2017 slide. Cannot be an oversight, why leave it out?
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GE's $100 Billion Wipeout Heralds Reckoning for an American Icon

This is why fiolettsk.rus will never end. "Unfortunately for GE, that industrial conglomerate model has fallen sharply out of favor on Wall Street. And the rise of activist investors like Nelson Peltz has encouraged companies to try to boost their... read more
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GE Digital Sales Staff Layoffs (Dec 2017 and 2018)

GE is laying off sales staff and other employees in its software division, according to people familiar with the matter, ahead of new Chief Executive John Flannery’s expected announcement on Monday of a plan to slash costs and jettison units in an... read more
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60 day notice??

If you are one of the ones who were given 60 days notice do you still get severance? That just seems cruel to expect these guys to work for two months and then give them nothing. When will they have time to find a job? Or are you on the books but not... read more
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Layoffs are done!

Everyone who was cut has been notified in SR yesterday. No biggy! Only 10-15%. They got 60 days to find another job. Life goes on...
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Bangalore Hub layoff

Any news on layoffs at Bangalore Hub??
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Predix needs to be scrapped!

GE started on Predix development too late and is charging its internal verticals too much, generating resentment towards the product and brand. Strategy error to go with roll-your-own IoT platform instead of sourcing from an actual IaaS/PaaS provider... read more
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San Ramon

Emails distributed today, meetings scheduled for tomorrow. We'll have more details soon, this will be sad...
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GE Digital presales all gone

All presales in Americas laid off at GE Digital. They are opening a small # of positions using the well known "eliminate all roles, force you to reapply, so we can claim no favoritism" RIF technique but looks like it will shrink considerably... read more
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Shoe is dropping at GE Digital

GE Digital's Ruh has announced that role elimination start this week. They have been telling us for quite awhile that it is coming. Doesn't make it any easier. If your area is effected please post. I wish everyone the best.
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Horizontal IT is an excuse to layoff people

But does it still make sense if GE is selling $20B worth of businesses? Say Transportation IT will need to align back to Transportation? What a waste of time.
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Why is GE digital still hiring?

I still see new folks joining teams. Not just developers but SVP and VPs in the Predix org. Is GE not in a cash crunch? Should it not shed and optimize instead of hire from outside.
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The latest App strategy will bring more changes

There are several scrum teams who have been sitting for the past 3 quarters waiting for a Product Strategy or roadmap to be in place. Many of the good engineers got so bored that they either quit or moved to other groups. This is in the Apps... read more
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GE Digital San Ramon is heading for the chopping block

G.E. Digital San Ramon - gloomy outlook, layoffs coming. 20-25% staff reduction coming. They already consolidated from 3 building to 2 and only 1 would be needed after the next round.
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Outsource Global Ops

You want to save money Flannery? Time to dump the overpriced, over staffed, under performing Global Ops division. Call IBM and HP and they will do it cheaper and better. Every time Core Tech does a reorg it's just shifting the same people around and... read more
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Fire Bill Ruh

The GE Digital story is really a shame. The mission and vision were correct. But the #1 mistake that doomed the whole thing was choosing Bill Ruh to run it. He's invisible as a leader in San Ramon. He can't keep executives, which causes reorg after... read more
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Hiring Freeze GE DIGITAL

Is the hiring freeze still on and if yes, do you guys have any plans for removing it?
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Detroit hub will probably take the brunt of layoffs

I guess we all agree GE is in somewhat of a mess. They will fix stockholders perception with the big cost cutting. The underlying issue is there core businesses revenues look bleak. They say GE Digital has the potential to be major revenue generator... read more
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GE Digital - Please Wake Up...

I think that the GE Digital Organization has their heads buried in the sand. Needing to reduce heads, and today they put out their we are awesome letter bragging about the success of hiring over 2,300 talented team members globally in key roles this... read more
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I had no faith in Predix.

I enjoyed my 23 years. I really struggled with the decision to leave, but I am so glad I did. I was fortunate enough to retire early and put the VJRP money in a savings account. I had no faith in Predix.
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