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Freescale Updates?

Why is it so silent here now? It used to be much more lively.
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Freescale Semiconductor Layoffs 2018

No layoffs, yes layoffs??? Gossip… Rumors? What's correct, there is a ton of rumors about layoffs here in Austin.
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Layoff confirmed

Layoff is going to happen in the first half . confirmed from internal source
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Freescale Semiconductor Layoffs 2017

I wanted to ask you all present here - if you heard about any possible layoffs in Austin.
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Freescale ATMC Fab Austin Layoffs

Any updates on Austin? I hear rumors but cannot find any solid info on the web.
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NXP selling Austin Oak Hill FAB

Got the word today that NXP is in talks to sell the Oak Hill FAB. You were all warned this would happen.
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More layoffs

2 latest layoffs in FSL Noida in July, it is kept very secret but it is confirmed news and both guys will be going this month end. New India Country Manager appointment clearly demonstrates the NXP management's maturity who took decision to this... read more
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Cheap writings

Cheap writings.. All the power houses are named and being targeted, now they want to create tensed environment between dev and svt, request all parties to hold-on, this is to create internal team fight, let's not fall to this, all major projects... read more
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If DN is going away, what is left?

I'm curious...if DN in Austin is going away, will Austin only retain automotive? What else is being done? Is NXP now only at oak Hill and do they plan on selling off any more of the plants/real estate?
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Layoffs in the Chengdu site

The rumor is that about 25 people in Chengdu were sent home.
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Austin Layoffs Confirmed

NXP confirmed to the local paper that layoffs are occurring this week. No numbers or departments were identified. Affected employees were being given the "standard" package. Anyone have more details?
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Don't sign!!!!!

If you've been affected and haven't signed the "package" don't!!!! Talk to a lawyer first. I successfully squeezed a better deal out of my former employer (including cutting the non compete clause and the "undisclosed inventions" clause and got... read more
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Some major chips are in the pipeline, too!

There are some major chips that are either coming back with first silicon or have just had tape out. Others are near DRC. Digital networking never made any sense in NXP's business model. I wonder if they ever tried shopping them around. Gee, they do... read more
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HUGE Digital networking June 2016 layoff

Huge layoff happening in Austin digital networking during the week of June 20. Around 60%-80% will be laid off (yes, 60% to 80%).
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There some layoff here at ATMC.There is a package there not offering,but you can approach them and ask about.
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There some layoff here at ATMC.There is a package there not offering,but you can approach tem and ask about.
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layoff's in July/September

The rumor in Chandler is layoff's within the business unit in July (a dozen) and the fab in September. Since NXP took over there is almost no communication and few have any idea what's going on. He (Clemmer) delivered the Q1 results and said low... read more
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Age Discrimination

The next round of layoffs will occur this Friday, May 20th. The last round of layoffs which occurred in late March resulted in 15 employees being let go, of which 14 of these employees were over the age of 40. Clearly age discrimination at play here... read more
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Everyone where I work at is worried about losing their job, some are worried about working for a company they know cares more about the stock holder then about their employees. Morale is the lowest I've seen, the enthusiasm we all once had for this... read more
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Is it true?

So in the comments bellow it states they are benchmarking the facility's groups but in the same post it says cutting 30% of its technititans... So is this just a facilities group thing or are us technititans rolled into this too?
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In $14.92 Columbus sailed the ocean blue! And what do you think he did to the natives??
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March 2016 Layoffs at NXP ATMC

We are having layoffs right now, so far 10 people from 1st and D1 shift... There will be more... They are trying to reduce the headcount in every area by 30-50%. The goal is Project Colombus = less than $15 dollars per mask layer in Photo, right know... read more
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NPX FSL Merger Layoffs 2016

NPX FSL Merger - they will take a $250M restructuring charge (based on what was published today), at $150K per resource (typical charge off in tech related fields, per resource laid off) we will be looking at about 1500 Freescale folks departing... read more
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Freescale Israel closed by NXP

3 jan 2016: Dutch semiconductor company NXP has decided to close down its Israel center in Herzliya and lay off 150-200 employees - a difficult number to absorb in the high-tech employment market, where competition for every job is so intense.
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Latest Freescale Rumors

I hear that we will be having an outstanding 2016, raises, promotions, bonuses, etc. Do not worry, all will be fine.
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Layoffs at Freescale Semiconductor Malaysia sdn bhd

Anyone has more details about this - there is a rumor that cuts may be coming in Q2 2016 but I heard that we are doing really well in Malaysia so it's probably just a rumor...
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Freescale Semiconductor Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Freescale Semiconductor layoffs in Austin in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Dominated by Renesas

Freescale competes mainly in the automotive market, and in this market they are being dominated more and more by Japanese chip make Renesas. Too much of a "good old boys" network and not enough people willing and able to create new value. They mostly... read more
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Layoff rumor?

30% to 40% layoffs company wide is supposedly in the works and NXP asking for it to be done before they officially take over so they share no blame. By October 1st or Nov. 1st. Any comments on this from others?
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Freescale-NXP Merger - What are your thoughts?

So, what will happen next? How do you feel about it? Anyone has experiences with mergers (this is my first big one)? Predictions?
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January 2015 Layoffs

There was a major layoff at the company in January in the technology dept. Many managers and several engineers were let go
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technician getting used to layoffs

too many people think working in semiconductor fabs is a good paying, privileged position. In fact it sucks. Layoffs are par for course and bad backstabbing managers and co-workers are routine. go do something else with your life. get out of the... read more
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