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We are all "temporary" employees at Fossil

It’s quite easy, all workers at Fossil, and every other company for that matter, are “Temporary.” If you don’t believe that then you are naive. The days of companies actually caring about their employees is over, especially for a public company whose... read more
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Tell us what's going on

Good leaders make all the difference during times like this and the good ones will be honest with their people. Bad leaders are nothing more than a factory that creates bitter current and ex-employees. Individuals are expected to give notice if they... read more
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Fossil's Stock Is $5+. What Does Magic 8 Ball Think Will Happen Next?

Questions asked to my Magic 8 Ball: Statement: Hello Magic 8 Ball. Well, you stated not long ago that our stock would fall to $5 and here we are. I must say that your prediction is a few months past the specific date, but I'll cut you some slack. No... read more
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Store Closings

When will store closings be announced?
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Get Ready

The stock is crashing on Q3 Profit Loss, not as bad as expected but a lot of this was already priced in. Our global retail comps are about 6% down, this is a very bad sign and things will just accelerate from here. There is nothing in the pipeline... read more
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Fossil Earnings Set For 11/7 4pm

Oh dear Jesus, our earnings are going to be announced on 11/7! I fear this one will be the worst one yet! Marking my calendar to remind me to wear my protective gear and Army helmet starting that day and through the following two weeks. I predict the... read more
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Fossil Layoffs 2018

I need to ask you a few things should be quick… Are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected by the job cuts, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about employees in Richardson.
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We truly are a Fossil

Some folks in APAC were hit 3 weeks ago, and no mentions of it made on the forum. Perhaps fear is silencing the talk. Small group of Richardson photography team also hit too. Many others throughout Company voluntarily left over the last 5 months to... read more
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So many wrong moves by Fossil

Folks to be fair even though we all know that IT management s--- in this organization in ALL levels, especially at regional level, however the down fall of the company is not caused by IT alone for sure. The lack of self knowledge of Fossil as... read more
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Fossil Layoffs

Anyone know of the Fossil Group severance package policy? I've asked around and with HR and no one has straightforward answers. Store is closing in a few weeks. Thanks
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Fossil Stock

With all the wild daily fluctuations of our stock price, it's clear that the day traders have gotten a hold of it. Never a good thing.
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IDP are you serious

The company is in all kinds of trouble and we keep getting pushed to do more with less. Now you hit us up again with the total time waste of doing an IDP??? Really? Let me keep doing my job to keep the company afloat now is not the time for the HR... read more
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If you are still contributing to your retirement plan, keep a watchful eye, or consider eliminating contributions all together. The money being taken from your paychecks may not entirely be going into your retirement account.
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Bye Bye Relic

News of the day - Relic Brand no longer making product and Metro Service Center to be outsourced. Both will be done in Dec of this year.
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Future Direction of Fossil Stock?

OMG! The stock is below $10! Magic 8 Ball called it not too long ago. I wonder what will happen next?
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Kosta sells 1,075,000 shares of Fossil stock

This is not a good sign: Kosta sold 1,075,000 shares of Fossil's stock on Tuesday, May 30th. The shares were sold at an average price of $11.29, for a total transaction of $12,136,750.00.
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News article.

/ Thoughts on this. Are the hedge funds aligning for a buy out? What is the CEOs plan to do with the... read more
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Layoffs this June?

My friend said the consultant that comes every time we do layoffs was at the HQ last week - she asked her boss and he said yes more layoffs coming
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It happened??!

Word on the street is... Ed Robben was canned today!? Can anyone confirm? Anything to do with insider trading/misleading remarks about stock? #AbandonShip
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Exactly what Fossil did

/ None of the workers on h1b visas are key skill sets that can't be hired as US citizens. Fossil coached by ISG on how to get around the illegalities.
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Anymore Layoffs!!!

More Layoffs to Come?
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Stock down 15% today, closed at 19.50

It looks like wearables aren't turning it around for us. Anyone think it will take time or is the writting on the wall for Fossil?
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Trump's H1B Visa Reform and Tariff will impact Fossil?

The message to all the people were laid off was that people can not get their severance package/money until they train their Indian counterpart in IT. How is that legal? Make's me sick to my stomach. There is no vision or success in that for US... read more
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2017 seems to more focused on the Business and Globally.

2014 layoffs were mainly in IT when they were outsourced. Planned by Ed (CIO), R. Schaffer, Kristie Copeland. They all came from JC Penny. Most of IT got outsourced to Infosys. Same thing was done when Ed was there before he got let go from JC Penny... read more
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