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Last of fiolettsk.rus

Well tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month. How many will go?
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Trading PIP for severance package

I saw somebody mention a possibility of getting ahead of PIP by offering to take a severance package. Is this an actual possibility? Has anybody who has been put on PIP actually tried and succeeded in doing this? Sounds a little too good to be true... read more
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Contractor furlough

Contractors are required to take most of Thanksgiving week off, plus last 2 weeks of December. Penny pinching, or something else?
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The Johnson Family doesn’t care about you

/ This is an old article but think about how much there wealth has grown since. This the family you work for. You give them power.
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Getting rid of people withouth severance

I am 51 and have always had outstanding performance reviews and suddenly everything I do is being questioned. I was told the things I am not doing (nor is anyone else in my department) is an issue. I was given until 1/2/18 to turn it around, along... read more
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PI management layoff

I’ve head here in WI that that PI is riding their service managers by the end of the year.
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Nobody is safe

This used to be a great company to work for but now with the ridiculous expectations, bonus cuts, minimal to no raises and rumored layoffs it is hard to plan for the future here. It seems no one's job is safe at any level or department. Layoffs seem... read more
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Look At These Layoff Tips

Look. And, look who is providing these layoff tips. /
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Hearing rumors of a December cut. Anyone else hear this?
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VBO for 50 yo in 2018?

Has anyone heard rumors of another buyout in 2018 for 50+? I've heard it from 2 sources but nothing further.
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Fidelity in the WSJ

Anyone know what consulting group is engaged for the purpose of investigating and helping with the s-xual allegations and corporate culture scandals at Fidelity. Inquiring minds want to know... read more
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Sneaky way to avoid Age Discrimination lawsuits

Earlier this year Fidelity offered a voluntary buyout to 3000 people over the age 55. Of that about 1500 took the voluntary buyout. Then they had round 2 (laying off 450) and 3 (unknown number) of RIF's and picked up nearly everyone that turned down... read more
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Everybody at Fidelity is in a waiting mode

Have to think the combine IT groups moved into EI back in Feb./Mar. 2017 will have to shrink as large cost cutting was the primary goal moving Prod Support and Security into centralized teams. Not sure enough attrition has or will occur as most... read more
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Fidelity Investments Layoffs 2018

What do you expect to happen as it relates to 2018 layoffs that "MIGHT" happen?
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Sock Puppet Accounts

I've been told that Fidelity uses sock puppet accounts to post on here and on Glassdoor to make themselves look better. Sneaky.
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Layoffs happen, deal with it

Individuals getting laid off is a whole lot different than a wide-scale RIF. It happens all the time. No one has promised to work for Fidelity for free for the rest of their lives, so the organizaton has to make decisions about who to hire and what... read more
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Age discrimination class action?

Considering that the large majority of those laid off are 50 or over, I was wondering if a class action based on ageism against Fidelity would be a possibility. My wife is one those who were laid off, and she said that in her department there is... read more
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Do we know if this wave of Fidelity layoffs is over?

My location was spared yesterday, but I've been sitting here on pins and needles today thinking that maybe it was just a reprieve and they will continue with layoffs. Not much mentioned here on the board, so that's good news, I guess. Anybody knows... read more
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Layoffs happing today

I guess they didn't get enough older workers to take the earlier retirement, so they got many of them in this second round. Fidelity is a very profitable company that is just kicking older workers to the street and throwing in a few younger ones too... read more
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Today is the day!

God I hope I am picked if this layoff is true. I can't take it here anymore. This company is not the same from when I started 15 years ago. Year after year it's more work for less.
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October 10 Layoffs

Well, if people are right then a lot of Fidelity employees are going to lose their jobs on 10/10. Let us know what happened here.
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Reimbursement programs

SIAP but sounds like there is an internal audit where they are reviewing employee reimbursements submitted. From what I heard people have already been let go. Not sure if this is ongoing or not, but just an FYI
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What's going on

I was laid off 3 months ago but I see this board is flaring up again - what's going on at Fidelity?
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My layoff time has come

I’ve been with this company for almost 17 years. I have worked in Merrimack, Covington, and currently in Westlake. I turn 50 later this week and I assume that my time is up. This company acts like they want to recruit people who want to spend their... read more
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Cleaning after Millennials

My role is now cleaning up the mess that newbies make. I get the feeling that no one really knows what they are doing and five reps will give five different answers to the same question. They merged all the service roles which just makes matters... read more
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Anyone hear anything? All is quite where I am
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Tired of looming layoffs

I am getting really tired of looming layoffs, especially since due to my age I know that sooner rather than later I will be among those let go. I am nearing my fifties, and we all know that's a death knell for staying employed with Fidelity. I am... read more
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October RIF

It should be coming in either Monday or Tuesday.
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Stop whining, you Fido's

You've all long been overpaid at Fido for a long time. Blackrock robo-investing. Writing on the wall. This is the future. You've had more stability than anybody else in any other industry in the Boston area I know already. Before you start flaming... read more
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T&E Fudging

Heads up if you've ever fudged on your expense report or any of the reimbursement programs. About a hundred people were pulled this week from investigations over wrongful reimbursements. It's definitely a wrong thing to do but those who were licensed... read more
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October layoffs at Fidelity

Yes definately more coming in October and then more in Q1. Face it, Vanguard has 6000 employees and Fidelity has 50000. Who is getting all the new money? I agree -rip off the band aid and get it over with quickly but hard to do with stocks at all... read more
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Is Fidelity ever going to be done with layoffs?

This is becoming unbearable. With yesterday's layoffs, it's clear that we have no idea when or where they are going to hit next. No announcement, no preparation, nothing. And they make sure to do it in small increments, so that blowback is minimal... read more
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More cuts afoot?

since the smaller than expected RIF last month the rumor has been more cuts in the fall in the September timeframe. Just confirmed one admin type layoff this morning in Smithfield, and word is more are afoot. What are y'all experiencing today?
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Fidelity phone strike

What if fidelity traders and phone reps went on strike how amazing would that be. Imagine all the pins that would be blocked and all the quotes that would go ungiven.
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Fidelity cuts make no sense

The most recent cuts are perhaps the most nauseating. How does the company gain anything by cutting a reliable employee making say 55-60k base with a unknown commodity making 45k? These were the kind of cuts that were made all throughout the regional... read more
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Fidelity another Buyout

Hearing rumors of another buyout for 50 and over. Have no idea if this is true. Has anyone heard anything?
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Experienced workers are an asset, not fat to be cut

The problem with Fidelity is that it bloats itself over the years and then cuts core job functions trying to fix the bloat, which leads to downstream chaos. It really should use the last in first out method because the people added since the last... read more
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Chairman's Line?

Anyone have the number for the Chairman's Line? It's an anonymous employee relations phone number.
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