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Was recommended to apply for AVI Networks

We all the stuff going on in this company, been considering taking this job. Want to hear your thoughts on the matter ? Is for a technical support role, better salary and stock options. Thank Guys
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Brand New HQ - But People Have to GO

Our overpaid Executives are preparing for their new palace - which cost is staggering in Seattle. However - the worker bees have to go to help pay for this.... or is it releasing certain "types" of workers who do not fit the "new" diversity model?
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Future of F5

Leaked plans for large amount of layoffs coming next year. CEO changing the focus of the company into different technology because the cloud and automation are the future, so there is no point in staying in our current tech stack. Those customers... read more
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More crazy Layoff at F5

Yesterday there were more Layoff... this is just crazy, now support, PD and some architects were affected, number was of 34 persons so they didnt report. Rumors says the number will growth before december. btw my salary was reduced 31%... Time to... read more
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Another round of layoffs within a month

Sept 28 another 100 people got layoff from F5. I don’t know where company is going. Almost 250 people in 30 days. I don’t why Wall Street is not noticing this. Company is going down the hill. Serverance package they gave is less than industry... read more
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Traffix SDC - shame on you

This is just unbelievable. They fired 6 programmers from traffix tel aviv PD, leaving 10 people, 6 of whom are lazy managers. Good improvement! Bravo!!!
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Thread missing

There was a thread here earlier about some layoffs, but I don't see it anymore.
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There seems to be no planning and management is this stupid company

They had big poster on San jose office titled "We are Hiring" . I joined the company three months ago, gave hackerrank test, onsite interview, had worst time in the team, senior didnt want to help. And manager expected to solve complex OS problem... read more
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What was the criteria of last F5 layoffs?

What was the basis of these layoffs I wonder? Performance based or based on job role. Was it only 1 group affected or was this across the company? This was asked in another thread, but nobody answered, so I was hoping bumping it would get it more... read more
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Layoffs sure, but not the Integrity or Diversity VPs

Odd that the Director of Integrity and the Chief Integrity Officer, and the Diversity Department (yes real positions) somehow have value to be paid enormous salaries, but moderately paid tech people actively working on projects had to go. No worries!... read more
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F5 sheds its "Family Feel"

The most recent layoff was poorly executed by management. Email announcements of "retirement" and not letting released employees back into the building. Employees will be mailed their their personal belongings. Sickening. It all brings an air of... read more
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This will cost F5 good people

I wont be surprised if there will be a spike in "bad turnover" (essential staff F5 wants to keep) given this small layoff will leave people feeling uneasy ("Am I next?") and there's still a great job market. I know I'll start looking. You and me... read more
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Feeling of betrayal

As one of the hit, my package was 6 months and continuing benefits for a month. But I don't know what it's like for others (they said it was based on time in company and the like) I agree with the above poster that, given the current market, I'm not... read more
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Are layoffs done?

Do we know if this round of layoffs at F5 Networks is over? I am scared of what might wait for me tomorrow at work. Although, no matter what they say, I will never be able to trust them again. It was specifically stated there would be no layoffs. And... read more
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Seattle F5 Layoffs

Lost over half our people yesterday in my group- 30 out of 50. The remaining 20 have no clue how they are going to keep up with demand. So many super talented individuals. Bad for F5; good for another company. F5 is being taken over by corporate... read more
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F5 Networks mass lay off

F5 Networks laid off around 100 employees worldwide with immediate effect.
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New CEO Francois Locoh-Donou is a joke

Our new F5 CEO is a joke. So far after taking the reins he has provided no direction except talking about diversity? Are you kidding me that's are new number 1 problem? Why is it when a person of color takes a high profile job that is the first thing... read more
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F5 in 2017 - no Layoffs in sight!

You only have to look at the number of open job postings to see.. F5 is growing at a crazy rate.. Head count for EVERYONE!
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2016 Layoffs at F5 Networks

Do you have an update on what the plan for layoffs in Q1 2016. I hear that there will be a massive reorg and that some departments will be eliminated. I'd greatly appreciate if someone who might have knowledge about what is being planned can share... read more
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What is a typical Severance Package for F5?

I know that you do not have layoffs but wanted to see if someone knew what is a typical severance package for F5
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F5 Networks Layoffs

Sales are soft, 2015 might be an interesting year, we'll see what happens but things do not look good for F5 right now. Things might change though, fingers crossed.
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No layoffs here, F5 is growing big time, there are hundreds of open positions..

No layoffs here, F5 is growing big time, there are hundreds of open positions... A bit of mild rant here.. Our mgmt on dev side need to balance priorities of developers to fix what has been sold against new features. New features are release in a mad... read more
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