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Exxonmobil lays off one at at time

As a 20 year employee I have noticed over the years they rank and promote the new hires and then stop growth for most in their mid 40’s. 40 plus get ranked the lowest and it is very humiliating when you are mentoring and training coworkers that are... read more
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Exxon Mobil Layoffs 2018

How about a bit of healthy growth for a change - I do hear that we may have layoffs in Irving.
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Business Model Redesign

50% of site engineers to be replaced with offshore call center support in the next few years. So much for an american company hiring americans.
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Layoffs incoming?

So, the profits go up majorly for Exxon's second quarter, and shares drop because it was still not enough????? Now I am thinking this will be compensated by cutting operating costs, which, as we all know, means layoffs. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt... read more
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XTO moving to Houston

So all of XTO is moving to Houston. Why do you all not have anything on this forum. Do you not know anything or all you all afraid of not being marketable if you are laid off. You all know there is also going to be a mass layoff at Exxon coming... read more
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Exxon is not to big to fail.

Technology has changed the oil & gas energy business forever. Will Exxon make the necessary changes required to survive?
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Who would have thought the most progressive member of Trump's cabinet would be our CEO. Rec is THE only one who believes in man made climate change.
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Haven't heard of planned mass layoffs.

It seems to be mainly just contractors being let go which doesn't really count as company layoffs. As usual lower performing employees are at risk, like bottom 10 percent, but you have to be pretty bad to be in that category anyway. Also, some older... read more
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ExxonMobil Layoff locations

Hello All - I am researching message boards relating to Exxon layoffs due to the recent O&G downturn. The information is scarce. Would someone be able to help me out by replying with a list of major geographic locations that are affected (a major... read more
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I've been watching all your boards for a few months and here are the awards from first to worst (posted on all your boards) from Shell to Exxon to BP to Chevron. 1st Place - Chevron - The "Street Fighters with Big Balls Award" Easy to see why these... read more
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A Layoff Poem!

Grin and Bare Hee and Haw Don't really wanna be here anyhow Day after day Same old games we play Tenure adds up In Reality, These jobs suck We pretend But know, deep down, It's all about the bucks! A computer,chair, and desk Theoretical work at best... read more
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Exxon Mobil Corp. has lost $80 Billion dollars in value!

Exxon Mobil Corp. has lost $80 Billion dollars in value and continues to lose! Stock price may be currently stable or creeping up slightly but won't last long when third and fourth quarter results for this year are released. Management's disastrous... read more
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Will Exon buy Anadarko Petroleum?

Exon is looking at purchasing Anadarko. Anadarko is down to just one third of it's value less than a year ago so appears to be a great bargain. Will Exon keep Anadarko employees on or lay them off?
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CEO Retiring

The reported plans is Rex will retire in 2016, the company will likely be restructured when the new CEO comes in so may not happen until 2017. It will likely be significant. Good article published this week on Bloomberg on issues with the CEO switch... read more
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Exxon Mobil Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Exxon Mobil layoffs in Irving in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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As a young engineer I took a job at Exxon

As a young engineer I took a job at Exxon where they described their forced ranking system as vital to their success. I soon saw that it entrenched the most selfish political types while destroying job satisfaction & teamwork across the company. Much... read more
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Has anyone found that being laid off from Exxon is preventing them from getting hired elsewhere?
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Exxon Severance Package

3wks/per year of service. Max 60wks. Plus partial bonus for this year. Can someone confirm?
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XOM is a classy company with a lot of good people

Exxon has never drilled a well with a $90 cost per bbl. The very highest cost per bbl I know of is some of the small shale operators in the US at about $70/ bbl. Exxon is very conservative and manages it's business very well. Classy company with a... read more
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Houston office layoffs

Why is no one talking about the people who are missing from the office. People are just leaving I have asked my supervisor but he dances around the subject
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