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Oh dear....

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Take job at DX Technology or HPE

I got job offers at both companies and posted to the HPE forum on this site about which company to choose. The people in the HPE forum were very hateful and vile people and only wish bad things to happen to everyone around them. I really don't know... read more
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UK Union Email (Unite)

This is from an official source, quarterly newsletter from our union. Most of the UK cuts will come from HPE ES side. Take your breaks (health and safety) this goes back to a few posts in the Chorley thread. Basically if you work your arse off it... read more
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Huge layoff in india

List is ready for Bangalore and Chennai. Any time it can move to execution mode. Hope fully after Jan 1st. It's new year Bonanza. Be prepare and move on to next company
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I have a few questions: 1) who tells you that you are WFR'd. Is it your manager or someone from HR etc. What day of the week do they do it. 2) I always read that people know they are on the WFR hit list to be WFR'd on certain dates. Does this list... read more
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Chorley room of DOOM...

Those who work at Chorley will know there is a designated room where they are deciding if you are surplus to requirements or not. It’s awful that this is being done right under staffs noses. Problem is there is a true struggle of resources in the... read more
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DXC WFR - DXC says Merry Christmas with a position elimination!!!!

After nearly 20 years on the job, was laid off a week ago, my position eliminated as a part of DXCs Work Force Reduction program. DXC held no concern over the impact this had on the sole project I was assigned to, and left the project in dire straits... read more
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You hard it here first

http://fiolettsk.ru/t/QvZ6Nx8 Now it's official /
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The latest inspiring email from Mikey

Below are the apparent results of a global employee survey conducted by DXC. I know for a fact that very few employees partook in the survey. We received numerous emails begging us to complete the nonsensical survey. Myself and most colleagues I know... read more
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Another DXC c----up

/ Backout procedures anyone?
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Coming layoff?

Is there still an expectation for mass layoff in dec.?
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Irony summed up in one email

Just received an email from the CEO himself encouraging me to complete my Code of conduct and Clear of Values review. I’ll complete it when he passes it, when he conducts business ethically and not make people redundant just to line his own pocket!... read more
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At least Australian government believes in us

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has renegotiated its IT contract with DXC Technology, giving the global technology services company a further AU$735 million for "centralised computing". The contract, now worth AU$1.47 billion, is valid until the... read more
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Oh Dear #3

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Who Can Fill Out IRS Form?

I'm a WFR'd former HPES employee who is eligible for an IRS program that will subsidize my COBRA payments, which is great. All I need to do is get someone to fill out an IRS form that I faxed to ES Benefits on 10/18. Since then, it's been forwarded... read more
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Forced resignation

why are HPE managers blackmailing employees to do forceful resignations.. From past 10 years they were sitting ducks and now when CSC management is asking tough questions.. they are asking employees to leave the organization... is it legal.. I mean... read more
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I am presently looking for a job and was researching DCX.Technology. I use to work for CSC and now that they have merged with HPE I am having second thoughts....CSC was a great company but I am hearing nothing but bad review about to company now. Can... read more
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UK & I regional leader has resigned.

DXC's current UK & I regional leader has resigned and will leave the business later this year. He is the latest in a run of senior folks exiting the business.
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Great news Malaysia!

You may have heard about China Delivery Centre being closed in stages. Malaysia is next! Just hang in there, get your WFR package and look for new job. May be the best news in years for us! Expect to get one month bonus for each year of service. This... read more
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OD&T Malaysia

Last week townhall, we have at least ONE positive news that there is some job coming into our center. How real it is? But Workplace Global big shot is also in town. Any Malaysia team over here?
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there are worse things in life then being WFR-ed

Don't feel sad if you get a WFR. It is only a job and be honest, not a good one. I hope to get mine too. Being in a bad job makes you sick, and sometimes it might make you so sick you start fearing for your life. It is not worth it. Hope those of you... read more
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Compensation payouts for those made redundant in the UK

Apparently my role is being made redundant. Sure as sh*t they will have to fill my role with a contractor if my number comes up in the meat lottery as my role is required for a reasonably lucrative contract. I'm not too concerned as I've already... read more
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Bunch of unqualified cartoons are managers in DXC India. Without any proper planning they have merged a perfect company and made a worst kid out of that.!!Not sure how the managers have reached this position which they never deserve. Poor management... read more
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Why hire people just to get rid of them again quickly?

I have joined in the month of Jan 2017 and fired in november. If the company is not in a position to assure the job even for 1 year, what is the pointing in doing permanent recruitment. What a joke this company is !!! Nearly in same position here... read more
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You are all enabling this behaviour by staying ...

As long as you all allow the current Board to treat/use you like this, you have no-one else to blame but yourselves. Leave en masse and the stock price will dive and Laurie will be out of pocket. Any other action just helps to line his pockets. I... read more
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DXC getting out of the BPO business

After 6 months of seeing all of the experienced sales and operation leaders leaving DXC, it is clear that DXC is either selling or shutting down the BPO business unit in 2018 as accounts like MolsonCoors, P&G, Toshiba, EGID, Guthy|Renker, etc etc... read more
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Everywhere scam! it's culture here

Some legacy ES ADM/ADE loves to keep all family and relatives in team.. miky has to get hunter this time..
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Scam in India leadership team ... Rumor???!!!

Heard some scam happens from indian leadership team and end of working is Dec 31st??? Is it true??? One side layoffs and another side scams rumors.
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UK WFR for 2nd half year FY18

Here we go yet again. Not a surprise, but does anyone have any information re the target number of roles to lose this time around ?
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Director take out

Nefkens just sold $10m of shares! I hope people given WFR recently will have just as cracking thanksgiving as he will! Whilst I’m sure not illegal, the immorality of it makes me feel quite sick!
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Is HR useful?

Can DXC's HR be trusted to do the right thing or do they always side with the manager? It'd be nice to know before I get myself into a "no turning back" situation.
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Bad company to join for freshers - DXC

Bad company to join for freshers - DXC. monotonous job, no learning, no training, not useful outside the company, no technology, only home made tools, big talk no work, no salary hikes, no promotions any time layoff, lack of facilities, stomach upset... read more
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Meg Whitman Leaves HPE

Employees rejoice, on the HPE thread:
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Get it done! Or get done over!

So three very lucky winners got a bonus this year, congratulations to them. But its rather astounding that the ‘committee’ took the time to read through 543 nominations and then could distinguish just 3 that deserved the awards. The time that took in... read more
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DXC HR Phone Number?

I just got laid off with one day notice and trying to call HR to ask about my insurance situation. Anybody has their phone numbers? I searched entire internet and there is none. Also I guess I am on CORBA coverage. Do I have my dental insurance the... read more
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There's no way to compete with these salaries

DXC is also partnering with WIPRO India to source cheap labor. Top Indian VPs are in unofficial meetings with WIPRO for creating freelancer accounts on the WIPRO platform. DXC henceforth will work as a marketing partner to get business, serviced by a... read more
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