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Anybody feels safe?

I was just wondering, is there anybody left at DXC who actually feels like their job is secure? From all I'm reading and hearing, everybody, literally everybody is stressing on daily bases about whether they'll have a job tomorrow, from CSRs to... read more
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DXC is covering up a major data breach.

DXC has very recently suffered a serious data breach at one of its large clients. It has sought to cover up the security failing to avoid damage to its reputation and share price.
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Automation! Yeah right!

Mikey's vision of the future is the automation of everything. It is the ranting of an old man (I'd say a mad man) who does not have a grip on reality or the technology available today. This idea has been kicking about for probably well over a... read more
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DXC to Report 3rd Quarter Results

DXC Technology to Report Third Quarter 2018 Results on Thursday, February 8, 2018 DXC Technology senior management will host a conference call and webcast on the same day at 5 p.m. EST. The dial-in number for domestic callers is ... read more
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Fun times

Our account was told today that all US staff, except a few designated experts, must either select WFR today or accept a future job offer with mPhasis for unknown terms. If we end up not accepting the job offer, or if mPhasis does not offer us one... read more
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How many will be culled from USPS?

We always talk about DXC, but NewCo will be 86% owned by DXC, with Mikey Mike on the board. What are the chances the USPS spin off will be just as bad for the firings as DXC? Or does the nature of gov contracts forbid treating your employees like a... read more
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Another skills profiling tool

/ DXC expects employees to enter their skills in yet another POS skills profiling tool. Enough is enough ... how many more tools are needed to analyse... read more
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Can I volunteer for a layoff?

I will be moving within a few months for family reason, with no IT employment opportunities where I'm going. I have some savings, but it would help me out immensely if I received any kind of severance. I'm well aware that I can't quit and expect... read more
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"Making the Shift to Growth"

I just read the email from our illustrious CEO - amazed by the number of L2s/L3s already leaving this s***hole (all puns intended) organization. My head is spinning by all the changes announced.
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DXC is worst place to work - illiterate managers

As a fresher, I joined DXC in November 2017 in India, initially it seemed good with a large campus and lots of trees in Electronic city. We had a short induction of around a day even though it was supposed to be scheduled for 3 days. Only after 3... read more
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DXC Guadalajara plans and WFRs?

I'm ex-HPE now in DXC for the past 6.5 years. Long story short, same as some other different posts here, a lot of people have been cut or left the company by their own in search of a better opportunities. Managers have stated that there are no... read more
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Next Downturn will be tough on DXC

This company is doomed when the next economic downturn happens why because DXC does not have any notta one of these qualities to weather that next oncoming storm: 1: Do intelligent Cost-Cutting 2: Be Proactive—Not Just Defensive 3: Continually... read more
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Common cents dictates that they will continue to cut 2 times a month. These will not be large cuts. At least, in North American they conduct YE reviews before year-round end close. I have only been here 7 months but found it odd when I heard their YE... read more
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Upcoming layoffs

Prior to his departure in December, a supervisor friend of mine spoke of plans for two in January on the typical pay cycle Fridays (12th and 26th). He also stated March was expected to be a "blood-bath". The expected target dates were to be the 9th... read more
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Bonuses Needed

WFRs are happening all the time. Bob and Bob visited our site a month or so ago. I expect WFR any day now for some colleagues. Most of us have been with CSC/DXC for over 10 years. Mikey and the boys needs their bonuses!
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Untouchable Grads

I think DXC are trying to keep the grads sweets because, after all, they are supposed to replace the skilled workers which are either leaving by their own accord ('cos DXC s---s) or are being culled with the compulsory redundancies. The grads... read more
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DXC Layoffs in March?

Because USPS is being split from DXC, what does this mean for WFR? Does anyone have any news on what to expect?
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How is DXC still hiring?

How are we still hiring people? With layoffs this rampant and the stock in the toilet? Just search for DXC jobs, and there are a number of new openings just from the last week. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Not to mention, who would be crazy... read more
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Omg..so depressing

At least 3 people that I thought were great performers left the company last week...we all used to sit together. I know that a lot of people are leaving daily or being pushed out..but this is so depressing to see rows and rows of empty cubicles... read more
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Wage rises given to graduates in the uk

Ok. You couldn't make this stuff up! I have just been informed that many of the graduate employees on our site in the UK have just received wage rises ranging from £3000 to $8000 pa. Whilst I myself am yet again in a redundancy pool because DXC needs... read more
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Monday 8th January UK DXC CR’s

It all begins tomorrow. Have a solid heads up from two people who are most definitely in the know. Practically every single team is in scope. Managers behind the scenes have done the scoring and deadline to pass this to HR was yesterday.
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You Just Got Laid Off, Now What?

Thought this was a good article to post here, considering how many people have already been laid off and how many of us will be laid off most likely sometime this year... read more
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Dare we hope?

What are the chances that the new year will bring with it new leadership for DXC? People who are knowledgeable and experienced, who actually know what they are doing, and who can get us out of the mess we have been put into? Even the slightest of... read more
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DXC Malayasia Closing?

Is it true that DXC Malayasia is closing? Anyone has more details on this closure?
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Post your Resume NOW

I left HPE in 2017, before the transition. Since leaving for 50% more money, I landed in a great company. I even had a year end review that rated me as EXCELLENT. I knew I was somebody. Current employees, reach out to people who left and they will... read more
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Anything positive about DXC?

Can anyone state anything just anything positive about DXC. Seems like all I read is negative after negative and deplorable news and working conditions. Give some hope to current DXC employees. DXC employees are terrified to say anything on this... read more
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What a way to start to New Year

Anybody else spending first hours of the New Year checking this site? I guess my anxiety is higher than I thought. It's not that I expected to find something new on layoffs, but I still felt completed to check. I guess DXC has truly messed me up. I... read more
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You are Schrödinger’s employee.

Interesting article about how the fear of layoff affects the workforce. This is about year-end layoffs - so imagine what it is like for all of us at DXC where is it always layoff season. :)... read more
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Increased firings

Is it just me or is DXC doing more firings lately? Two people from my building were fired in the last two weeks, and I'm starting to get nervous about it. It's not like they were slackers or anything, on the contrary. Anybody else noticed something... read more
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US Corporate Tax windfall

Who is going to ask Mike what his plans are for the additional 14% of not taxable profits at the next public town hall? Is he going to stop with the skeleton staffing plan and reward employees? Or continue to just line the Mike’s pockets?
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