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Missed Opportunity

In transferring ownership, they really missed an opportunity. They should have transferred ownership to the employees and let DeVry University continue as an employee-owned company (like was done Avis, United Airlines, etc.). The current employees... read more
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It is a shame

I am a DV alumnus and worked at DVU for several years. I have since moved on and think fondly on the days when DV made a difference. Unfortunately senior leadership's (you know who you are) focus changed, sometime after Hamburger came on board. The... read more
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DeVry online colleagues

DeVry online folks, do you know the status of your jobs yet ?
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It is all truly all about $

One valid thing Camden repeatedly points out is how these are corporations/companies own colleges (with students as customers) versus a college with students as learners. Yes, all schools have to stay afloat financially. However, the taint that these... read more
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Palm Ventures has other subprime colleges

Palm Ventures also owns Post University and Nightingale College, two other subprime colleges. /
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DeVry being Sold

As often speculated here, official announcement of sale of DeVry University to Cogswell.
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Employee Engagement Survey is Here! Prepare for Layoffs

They always collect ‘good’ numbers and then fire up another round of sh4tcanning. Then again, the last round might not even be over. I actually no longer care at all and will tell them exactly what I think. There’s no point in dressing it up since... read more
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Instructors expected to be tutors as well

A fundamental flaw in DeVry's approach was to blame the instructors for the lack of student learning, rather than realizing that most students lacked the skills to succeed in higher education, and that the DeVry classes were not structured to help... read more
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DeVry on resume, yes or no?

I've read here before that some people received adverse reactions from potential employers to having DeVry listed among previous workplaces. Is this true? Should I really leave DeVry off? Isn't missing five years on the resume going to be an even... read more
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Which DeVry Campuses Will Close Next?

Which DeVry campuses will close next? What campuses will stay open throughout 2018 and 2019? /
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The fall of once good school

I worked for DeVry for nearly 2 decades. I left of my own free will, and was fortunate to be able to do so. I feel for all who are tied to their unhappy employment without resources to quit--I was once one of you, and I know your pain. At the end, in... read more
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Is DeVry still at Fort Leavenworth?

Is DeVry still teaching students at Ft. Leavenworth?
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Recipe for disaster

DeVry was an okay tech school when it was DeVry Institute and only offered associate's degrees. Then it cut classes to 8-weeks, dropped any pretense of admission standards, started calling itself a "university", and some moron in marketing made... read more
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who is buying DVU?

is there another company that is stupid enough to do it? one of the other for profits? Poor employees.
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DeVry featured in "Fail State" documentary

"One of the most upsetting stories in the film is that of Murray Hastie, an Iraq War veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder whose Google search led him to, a for-profit website designed to look like an official government page. A... read more
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DeVry Staff and Faculty Deadpool Through December '17

Post your predictions for who's getting next. INITIALS ONLY, region/group, then why you think so. Not who you think SHOULD be laid off, but a guess about who is ACTUALLY next to go. Winners receive one week pay for each year of service... read more
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Problem 5: Calculate The Speed... which Herman DeVry is currently rotating in his grave. Number of rotations per minute is an acceptable format for your response but be sure to account for the Earth's underground gravitational pull (assume depth of six feet unless you can prove... read more
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Micro management and BFF

Do all of the 6 regions of DeVry micro-manage as much as the Chicago/Central region. TZ spends most of his time not only micro managing faculty,but he also has his faculty chairs do the same. In addition to this, each session, a teacher is observed... read more
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Online education has to change to become great

Online education could be great, but not as it is currently approached. The pressure to "persist" students is a central problem. The student-professor (instructor/facilitator) void is also a problem--even keenly committed faculty have difficulty... read more
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CEO Has "Sense of Urgency" With DeVry's Meltdown

Peter Appert Got it, thank you. And I’ll direct all my questions to Pat. Yes. The DVU numbers continue to look like challenging frankly, in terms of the enrollments or here what you’re saying in terms of repositioning, et cetera. But it’s hard to see... read more
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DeVry's "Transformation Strategy" includes staff reductions, 8 additional campus closings, larger classes, smaller advertising spend

Revenue at DeVry University decreased 20.8%, or $25.1 million, to $95.7 million in the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 compared to the year-ago quarter as a result of decreases in undergraduate and graduate enrollment. DeVry University enrollment... read more
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On-campus faculty and online faculty are two different worlds

So much is making sense now if you are actually looking at faculty evaluations. You would need to distinguish between on-campus faculty and online faculty. They are worlds apart. On-campus faculty are highly invested in the success of the students... read more
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Nobody retires from Devry University on their own

Nobody retires from Devry University on their own. Everyone has a number and at some point your number will be called. It wasn't alway like this but over the last 20 years Devry has changed for the worse. Sadly there is a stigma for all that work... read more
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IT outsource to CapGemini has begun, layoffs are back in style!

Today the senior leaders of IT announced that most of the infrastructure and operations work being done for Adtalem, and the institutions, by the IT department in Downer's Grove is being outsourced to CapGemini (all in the name of student... read more
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Who Should Buy DeVry?

In your opinion what would be the best company or organization to purchase DVU to give it even a minimal chance of survival? Maybe Arizona State Uni or some other school with a lot of virtual students? Maybe Coursera or another MOOC host? Amazon? You... read more
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Carrington students can no longer get Federal Perkins Loans?

Did I read this right about Carrington and Federal Perkins Loans? If so, what does this mean for Carrington? "Carrington College has recently reassigned all outstanding Perkins loans to ED, and is no longer making new awards or disbursements. This... read more
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Naperville building closing

I heard from a reliable insider source that the ultimate plan is to shut down the Naperville building entirely, which means all the DeVry Online and Chamberlain Online employees would be remote. This would make sense, considering that a high... read more
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DeVry Education Layoffs 2018

You can never tell if layoffs are planned, but if HR has too many meetings with closed doors you got to be freaked out. I am in Downers Grove.
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DeVry Tech = ITT Tech?

Some eerie similarities between DeVry Tech and ITT Tech. Both defunded the schools. Both refused to upgrade their computers. Both had high student loan default rates. Both had institutional loan programs with high interest rates. Both deceived their... read more
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More Carrington College layoffs

Was just informed of more Carrington College layoffs yesterday. Soon there won't be anyone left!!
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Barthy's Video Message Today

Reactions to JB's video message to colleagues? He's not quite presidential yet but miles ahead of his blundering dimwitted predecessor. I like that Barthy acknowledged that there is a reputation problem. Finally some honesty, for whatever good it'll... read more
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Blackrock keeping ATGE afloat

For some reason, Blackrock is showing increased confidence in ATGE. Does this mean that cost cutting is ahead sooner than expected? /
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Hint about which schools will be shutting down

The Department of Educations' College Navigator gives DeVry's enrollment numbers, but the numbers are two years old. Are all these DeVry institution's still in business? I see that some of these have really low numbers (Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee)... read more
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