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That was a down

So that was the dumbest reorg/term. DVN had a chance to fix the DBBU leadership and failed to do so. Even promoted one. Why are those leaders still employed. They are the reason that the DBBU is a dumpster fire.
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Drug testing? Just got back from Colorado.

I'm wondering if I'll be drug tested. I don't seem like someone who would need to be. I'm married with kids. Does anyone know how this works at this time?
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! MAGA !

MAGA is all you need to know to turn this company around. Well, also Fire and Fury. He stole my band's new name!
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Inside Info

Hearing rumors... any insider info?
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EVP Adminstration is a Snake

Don't trust- he's not looking out for Devons best interest and if you challenge him he will make sure you are no longer there! Enough said, stay the hell away from the $6M man he is a snake to say the least! Beware! His day will come soon enough... read more
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Leadership & Vision

Larry chooses as his successor for a highly motivated and forward looking energy company to a Canadian lawyer. Ouch! Next in line is a Jerry Sandusky look-a-like that possesses no vision or inspirational leadership traits. Result is a once proud and... read more
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So many new faces

Oil and gas is slowly making its way back. i just have to wonder did Devon act too fast. i had many good friends and it now feels that they are being replaced rapidly. Did we really save that much money when you consider the severance package and the... read more
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Anyone else feel this way?

I have been with Devon a long time, and I am getting too old to stress about start g my career over again. Does anyone think that we will make it through without layoffs? What are all of the Accountants who account for the Barnett going to Do? Can... read more
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We are now 1/3 the value we used to be!

How low will we go before something happens? I make sure my work is done and I keep my head down. I know any time now they will be laying off again. I hope I can make it through another one!
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At least we now know it is going to happen.

Well that takes the guess work out of knowing when the other shoe will fall. Now we just have to wait for the date and how many. Such a shame. I love working at Devon but, I understand that they have to protect that bottom like.
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Get ready for more layoffs an asset sales!

Get ready for more layoffs an asset sales! Our stock price and market cap are headed south so fast we are really floundering. The only way to stop this downward spiral is to reduce overhead meaning more layoffs, reduce or stop capital spending, and... read more
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Geos in the Southern BU just the worst

How can the people in this team actually still be employeed? One is an overweight loser that has an ego to big for his own good and the other I swear must have down syndrome and proves why home schooling makes weirdos. Really just the worst people to... read more
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Oil price is down, stock is down, you know what this means!

Well OPEC disappointed everyone and the market so oil price is going to be in the tank for the rest of the year. Our stock price started down even before OPEC showed how spineless they were. We are stuck between a rock and a hard spot! Only thing to... read more
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Justice served

The superintendent walked out this week is way overdue. Karma is a b--ch!!! Sad!! This use to be a great company! Wish there was a way for Larry Nichols to know how some of his upper management team really treated people and what they got away with... read more
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After Weds. news, any word on future layoffs.
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Anything New?

Been quiet lately. It feels weird in this building.
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Commitment Runs Deep!

What's the policy on supervisors dating their employee and giving them a promotion?
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Just today !

Devon escorted out 23 people today from various departments! More to follow. The story is they are planning to outsource my positions.
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Trump isn't going to fix us!

We have a crazy a$$ president and he is not going to fix oil and gas. He may get us in a war. Oil prices will be dropping back to $35 in the summer. The black gold is gone. If you work at Devon hang in there, but look else where if you are unhappy... read more
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Whats up with the stock price?

Can we not impress the wallstreet analysts, and execute with WTI in the low 50s?
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Happy Commitment Runs Deep Day!

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Commitment Runs Deep Day! Go Devon!
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Geos and Engineers Beware

Can't share too much, but after the new year I saw some reviews and the general message was that for the number of rigs currently operated at Devon there is going to have to be some more slimming of technical staff
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Layoff/life results

Here we are almost a year later and being laid off is still messing with my life. I was finally able to find a job in O&G almost 8 months later but it is a remote part of the country forcing me to give up all the (social and health) progress I had... read more
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Prior Layoff W-2s

Anyone know when we will get our W2's for the employees laid off in 2016? I would guess they are being mailed out oppose to electronic.
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2017 - more of the same!

Well, here we are just about to start the new year, and it feels a little like 2016 continued. I have heard from a really good source that this year will be full of surprises. Departments that are barely getting by now, will be crushed by these... read more
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Funny how things work out!

I really wondered what it would feel like when my old job (which I was "relieved of") was advertised as a position needing to be filled. Seeing it now I think it is funny that I am sitting with a new job, which pays great, and Devon did me the... read more
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Devon Makes the News Again

So, how many rigs are up and running? West Texas and Delaware should be sitting over a huge reservoir discovered recently. Does 50 wti make it proved reserves though.
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