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Cyclone still alive due to Sunk Cost Fallacy

It is pretty much clear to those on the ground that the new flagship storage product from MRES is going to be a disaster. There is no way this product which is already delayed can compete with offerings from Netapp, HP and pure. The team doing the... read more
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Plenty of startups in the sea

I was laid off by Dell about six months ago and I can tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to find new job within two months, and I actually took a month to recharge my batteries. I have one advice for folks in similar... read more
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What's the plan

Dell looks pretty much doomed. With billions in debt we have no way to acquire another cash cow and milk it. And no, we do not have good engineering culture here so yes, no innovation only expensive powerpoint projects. The only one making serious... read more
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Wrap up and move you a**

Stop complaining, wrap up, move you a**, beg your boss... whatever it takes to save your job. Just keep in mind writing here does not help you! Next round is very close and is confirmed, approx 400 planned to be released. List not finalized yet... read more
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New job at same pay

Has anybody who was let go within the past year had luck finding a job that pays at least close to what they were earning previously at Dell? I've been looking for nearly six months, but the best offer I got was nearly 40 percent under my previous... read more
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Major December layoffs

Over 1,000 already let go in under a week in December. Is this number referring to layoffs taking place outside of US or was a part of it here as well? I haven't heard about any layoffs on our side in December, but I was wondering if I missed... read more
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Massive lay off at SoBo & Ireland Dell EMC IT

Big time restructuring at Dell EMC IT mainly SoBo & Ireland location. Few long time EMC IT SVPs, VPs, senior directors & directors are packing their bags. Some are leaving today and remaining are planned for next Friday . Some of these positions... read more
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my thoughts on Dell at a snr advisor level

May not be top heavy but it feels very heavy from the top. Me me me mentality of most of the managers, management gets training, gets retained, gets name listed in big projects, gets visibility, gets access to information, and get rewarded and... read more
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Reading this and you will know when you are going to walked out and how fast .Quit whining /
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Any layoffs from cyberjaya team?

Any news from cyberjaya team on layoffs?
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People are receiving notices

For those claiming there are no layoffs, the guy I work with directly received his notice yesterday. Came out of nowhere. He's one of the best people I know. Been with the company for over a decade. Hardworking and unlike many others, he actually... read more
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Any further updates on Dell Storage BDC layoffs..

What's happening in the dysfunctional bdc storage team. After layoff of the useless director two months ago still the team is without any direction from Hopkinton and MDC. The team is an outcast no-one wants to touch. The useless director had hired... read more
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We hire more than we fire

Layoff to spring clean for new bloods. Except the management.
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Reorganization = layoffs

There were no layoffs. A reorg was announced but no job loss. Such a naive stance. Do you know of one reorganization that was not either based on getting rid of a bunch of employees or that was not followed by huge layoffs? It's their sole purpose... read more
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Are there layoffs planned at Irvine office today ?

There is a visit from the VP which feels a bit out of context followed by an all-hands for the Irvine site and is very much reminiscent of how layoffs happened in 2015.
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Update layoffs in Ireland?

Does anyone have any further update on layoffs in Ireland please thanks
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Things have to change

There are WAY too many storage specialists tripping over themselves in the sales org. Very highly paid and only working their own tiny silo, too many lines of storage. Competing for the same bids and same shrinking pie, but always unavailable to get... read more
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What's the ZZZ list?

People keep mentioning it, and googling it doesn't help. Thanks in advance!
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Lay off one layer of management

I have a suggestion. It really will not hurt to cut one whole layer of management globally which is the layer after the first layer of manager because: they have no technical expertise they are not smarter or better informed than the layrr above them... read more
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Layoff after Thanksgiving in Storage

Have a good thanksgiving weekend. Heard from reliable sources that there is a big layoff in Storage after thanksgiving.
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The new VMAX hashtag: #GetModern

Did you see that hashtag - #GetModern, get the latest VMAX storage array.. To me it sounds like Get Obsolete, get the latest dinosaur .. Geez, they should've thought better before placing such ridiculous hashtag.. For instance, something like... read more
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Layoffs each month starting November

I got laid off last week and heard that November 2017, december 2017 and january 2017 are going to be a big purge. It is the BEST (India, Malaysia, China) vs the REST(US, Ireland). So fiolettsk.rus are going to be happening in the REST sites. EMC IT is... read more
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It is actually very simple

The problem is actually very simple. The company is too big that many real talents are lost in the waves. The layers is the basic cause, we have Mr Dell himself, the execs, then VP followed by another VP then director that acts like a VP then manager... read more
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CPSD was hit with layoffs

Dell is the damaging the startup culture at CPSD as well by using their axe of layoffs. It is really frustrating. Do you think innovation can happen when sword of layoffs is hanging? Innovation requires ability to take lot of risk. Who will take risk... read more
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QA suffers, large customers walk

A lot of people in QA across the board are being "relieved of their duties". Few large federal customers [2 in US, 1 in Canada] are not renewing data center storage, software and implementation / operation services. Don't look good, IMO.
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Tough decisions in storage

Jeff Clarke is going to take tough decisions. In this climate of declining storage revenues and disruptive technologies there is but no other option. The SC all flash was released last week with very little capital investment. This is no new candy... read more
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Stop the madness

Please stop posting false rumors on this site and post real information about layoffs. If you are mad at Dell/EMC that is fine but we are real people who need jobs to survive. If the roles were reverse you would feel the same way. I want to find out... read more
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I hate QBRs, really hate them!

It is amazing to see how low the numbers are coming out of the QBRs. Everyone's numbers are way down compared to last year. The pressure from management is almost unbearable. Someone is definitely going to get cut very soon. This really s---s!
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Unity Discontinued, all hail Compellent!

Glad I sold those units last week. At least I have Compellent which has better pricing an performance then that piece of junk. Collect my commission before they can me next week.
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