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30+ furloughed for Christmas in BHAM
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CSX Layoffs 2018

I wanted to ask you all present here - if you heard about any possible layoffs in Jacksonville.
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Cumberland layoffs confirmed

/ "CSX has informed employees today that some positions in Cumberland are being eliminated, as part of an ongoing company-wide review of operations to improve... read more
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More layoffs to come by the end of the year at CSX

This year is absolutely brutal for all of us. So far the company has laid off 2,700 employees in addition to 1,000 external contractors and consultants, and now they have confirmed that more is to come. How exactly do they expect us to work with all... read more
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More layoffs, is this ever going to stop?

Even more layoffs at CSX, this time in Avon... No news on who or how many as of yet, but it does not look good. Is this ever going to stop? It seems like it's a new location every week... read more
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CSX cuts 60 in Riverdale

Riverdale got hit hard, 60 folks were laid off. Do we know what else was hit?
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Is CSX cursed?

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When all else fails, blame the employees

Are you kidding me? You decide to lay off a bunch off folks, hang the possibility of more layoffs over everybody's heads, and then blame service disruption on disgruntled employees... Because we should all be jumping for joy right now, right?... read more
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More layoffs at CSX by the weekend

No specifics in the article as to how many, but they are referring to an anonymous source that announced another round of furloughs by the end of the week. According to the person, affected sites will include Brunswick, Grafton, Baltimore... read more
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Composite Mechanic CSX

I was terminated today without any reasonable explanation - things presented to me as 'reasons' made no sense - I will not bother you with minutia, it's over now... However, I was treated as a piece of trash as they were terminating me, now they will... read more
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Huntington / Furlough

CSX Transportation has confirmed furloughing nearly 70 workers at the locomotive repair shops in Huntington... Source: /
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Huntington and HH's plan

It's funny too because they swear we can relocate to a nearby shop. Thats what they tell the media. Funny though because Russell had to lay off too. Even better that it wasn't posted on the gateway. Greedy people make me sick. HH is going to bring... read more
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Really? You believe him?

Claims everything is improving and customers are happy. LOL I personally know of loaded auto trains that have been sitting in sidings halfway to hell, because they have no crews available to run them. I've never seen that before.
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HH is a douchebag. Only reason stock is going through the roof is massive layoffs!! Csx did have too many mangers, but I'm a union craftsman. Where the backbone of the railroad is!!! Csx is the worst place to work for now!!! Every employee is job... read more
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Hunter wrote a book

If you read it, you will understand the next move in this chess game. Understand the past actions of the man and it will help you understand the future. Why do you think the choice has been made to shut down so many smaller facilities and outdated... read more
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Avon layoff

Its real Avon plant laying off right now!
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It's happening

Well, they just shut down the shop in Hamlet, NC. Quite a few people out of work in such a small town.
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Composite Mechanics

Hunter Harrison is willing to close facilities, any facility. The next step is reducing the workforce at those that remain. How? Be prepared to sign on the line. It's coming, system wide seniority and a merging of the trades. Less people, more... read more
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Waycross Shop

Pulling levers, rotating gears. The heavy shops at Waycross and Cumberland are the next victims according to the rumors. The big plan is starting to take shape. Are the service centers next? The search for efficiency continues. No wonder The Corbin... read more
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We don't have many left...

Also they talk about per hour pay and give up arbitrary's.. We don't have many left these days since our elders gave them up over the years.. So for the older guys that have said don't give up what you have, well maybe they should of thought about... read more
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Selkirk yard-Corbin loco shop

Just heard another domino has dropped. Selkirk Hump is supposed to be closed. I heard Radnor is next. WIth all these shutdowns to increase efficiency, at least Hunter is smart enough to know he should open the newest most efficient shop on the... read more
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Number of people out of work....

Does anybody know the number of people that lost Jon's so far? I know the closed down the hump and the bowl in Hamlet. Also, there are countless jobs abolished online due to "force adjustments". Don't knowing they'll be posted for bid with different... read more
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List of all CSX Yards

Does someone have a list of all CSX yards? Please share if you do!
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Evansville and Atkinson.

I got the Saturday date from management here. Also there is no bids. ID runs back to divisional. Added bids to Evansville and Atkinson. Not sure what else is in the works but as of Saturday no transportation will be working out of Casky.
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Locomotive Shop

Big shop on the chopping block. The word is there will be a closure of some locomotive repair facilities and re-opening of another.
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General foremen

When is CSX going to wise up and start firing General Car Foremen? It is perhaps THE most useless and unnecessary position in management and they should all be forced back into walking cars or just let go entirely.
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Not just management!

Its not only management ppl. Im a union employee and as of may 5th, i no longer have a job. They arent holding up to the contract either! No payoffs, no moving expenses, NOTHING. CLOSING intermodal ramps in MOBILE AND NEW ORLEANS. HH will ruin this... read more
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Layoffs Were Necessary

Hunter Harrison is the best thing that has happened to transportation in my 13 years. He's bringing transportation employees back by the droves. I'm sorry that the managers lost their job but in my opinion it was totally necessary. The old regime... read more
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Collinwood Ohio

Cut the yard scab drivers at Collinwood Ohio.
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For what it's worth!

Its crazy to see this many people sent home and added responsibility to underpaid existing managers, btw I am a contract employee, working a contract that was signed long ago and since forgotten about, obviously not a part of the management trainee... read more
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Csx casky yard

We are hearing there closing casky yard. Does anybody know if there is any truth to this
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CSX retired manager

First I want to say I am a retired manager. Guys look around and see which managers lost their jobs. Yes there was some dumb--ses that lost there jobs and should have before now. But from what I have saw in the area I was a manager on 2 different... read more
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CSX management is getting what they deserve. Falsly charging employees and firing them to make quota, i shed no tear. I hope the management cuts run so deep there is only 1 tm per 100 mi of track
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Workers loose jobs

In the late 1980's, CSX purchased and closed the old L & N shop in Louisville. My family got transferred to Corbin, but some of my uncles and their families were not as fortunate. Then over 200 men and women were laid off in Oct. 2015 in Corbin... read more
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Rules of the road

We all know what happened. The writing was on the wall at least 12-15 years ago or more. First the small tweaks. Then the trashing of the basics from the inception of the railroad all for the new Management philosophy. You knew it wasn't going to... read more
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