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Colgate is truly out of control

I have seen the worst in people. Behaviors of hate, revenge and just because I can attitude from management. It's truly an organization out of control. For example, some people who were let go in 2011 the hell extended into the following year with... read more
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People Eyes Are Now Open

This recent layoff really opened the eyes of many people. You can't have a department meeting to discuss fiolettsk.rus and new organization changes hoping to raise hopes and morality knowing we have 2018 and 2019 layoffs still looming. Boys and Girls... read more
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More Layoffs 2018

No surprise. ..More layoffs are coming for 2018. Many suspect it will start in January. Get your house and resume in order.
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Moral Compass is Broken

Once upon a time, Colgate was a better place. Remember, it was never perfect but people cared. This layoff was cold and heartless. People were disrespect and demoralized. Thank you to the many people supporting the folks being let go. You have no... read more
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Layoff Humor- Not Funny

A lot of people received their layoff notices as of Nov 1st and days after. For the rest of the Colgate population not affected, please refrain from boasting or giving the list of names during your group meeting while laughing. It's not a joke. Stop... read more
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Support Functions

Why are support functions catching hell in this layoff?
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Looks like there is ample budget for VERP

GGEP budgets look fat enough to accommodate more VERP and not just severance. Will Christmas come early for people at or near the Rule of 85?
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Hopeful and Blessed

I have to be honest. Nov 1st felt like the day from hell. You sit around and ponder, "how in the hell did this happen to me". You stop feeling motivated and get even more depress because people at work are afraid to speak to you. It's hard to walk in... read more
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Management confirming

Management is layoff for 2018 and 2019 to support functions. Start looking.
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Crazy Place

Help me understand something. What was the point of letting people go only to hire the ones you want. Favorites....If you read the job openings, you can clearly see they are for specific people based on the job description. So why tell people to... read more
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Been Smoke and Mirrors for Years

The company has been all about smoke and mirrors for years. Massage the numbers until it makes the shareholders happy even when there is nothing new coming and the only way to keep showing a profit is to cut past the bone until the limb falls off... read more
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Moving Forward

This was a crazy week. But I think we have learned a few things: No one is safe You can do great work but it will not guarantee your job is safe. If management doesn't like you or hear negative perception you will be on the chopping block. It's... read more
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Didn't Deserve

I have known this individual for a very long time. This person was funny, smart and could put a smile on your face. A real cool person. Today, my dearest colleague lost their job. I can't begin to understand why and how. It didn't make sense. When I... read more
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Severance pay?

I was wondering if somebody who was let go as part of the latest Colgate layoffs could tell us what kind of severance package they received? I'm pretty sure they are far from done and we'll be learning about new layoffs soon, so knowing what to... read more
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Is Colgate done with round 2?

Are we out of the woods yet? Seems very calm in my office, so calm that I am starting to worry it's quiet before the storm. I realize I am probably just being paranoid, but if anybody knows for sure if all fiolettsk.rus were done with yesterday, please... read more
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Time to speak up

A few people lost their jobs today out of hate, ignorance and revenge. Right now I can honestly say we are living in a cultural environment that isn't fair. Sadly race plays a role and so does gender. Let's not forget age. The behaviors I am seeing... read more
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Well round 2 started today....

Yep.. Round 2 has begun...Closed door one on one meetings began this am. The difference this time is that this is mandatory, not voluntary. This is a true layoff. Positions are being eliminated all in the name of being lean & meeting the corporate... read more
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Layoffs on Nov 1st 2017

Corporate will layoff people salary grade 15 and lower who have enough points to qualify on Nov 1st. Henning is an axe man and heads are starting to roll. Apparently, the strategy for growth is cut to the bone and keep cutting until a limb falls off.
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Layoffs are currently happening at Colgate

Layoffs are happening as we speak. Last day for some is December 31st. Support functions are going to be hit the hardest. Sad to say, it's will be both business and personal. Get ready..... This was posted by in another thread... read more
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Bad Management and fear of Pink Slip

Being an ex employee, I was sad while leaving, but now feel fine after reading all this. Fairly speaking, I was always worried about getting a pink slip any time. There are serious management issues and HR is a real sh--. Policies are good for books... read more
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Colgate-Palmolive Layoffs 2018

I thought people were joking when they told me that they were 100% certain that we'll have layoffs in NYC.
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Next two weeks are crucial for Colgate Palmolive

The next two weeks will provide the details of Colgate Palmolive future. Management has already decided who will move up with promotions verses lateral. Sadly, it will not be done fairly. Unique individuals are being promise as we speak with... read more
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Colgate Palmolive VERP News

Current rumor has VERP being offered to lower level people next, followed by more straight up layoffs. I know there are a lot of lower level folks salivating for a package, those that are left will break from the stress or find other employment out... read more
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Personal Care will fall next

Everyone knows something is coming. It's a matter of when and how. VP's have already made their decision. Honestly, it was done 6 months ago. Some people are already looking for jobs in the event it happens 4Q2017. Personal Care will fall next. With... read more
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VERP - offered? Take it...

4Q2017 is going around a lot lately about layoffs . With only three categories left :Oral,Personal and Toothbrush, sales are not doing well in any of the categories. Once the VERP is done with the upper levels, it makes sense to go after the lower... read more
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After September 30th

What happens after September 30th. Do we wait with anticipation of another reorganization that may imply layoffs to get rid of pepole. I can't see it based on succession planning. By the way...why are some groups quite about colleagues taking the... read more
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Some of the managers need to go

I would love to see a few people take the package. Some of these managers are insecure and jerks. Be's true. They have held people back from advancing due to personal issues and or because they speak up for themselves. If we are to... read more
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This package is a private matter and should not be taken lightly. However not too many people are talking it. Any thoughts or what's the next phase is.
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Colgate needs to move with the times

Colgate is a good company with good family values. I came here recently from another big consumer company. The management is no different than in any other company. Like everywhere, there are good and bad examples. The problem of Colgate is that it... read more
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Diversity is an issue everywhere. However I wish more job opportunities could be given to a more diverse pool of people. It appears more jobs are being given to individuals who are in the LATAM regions. It gives the impression no one else is... read more
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We need better middle management

Colgate is a good company and with great family benefits. In my years at Colgate, middle management is the blame for many of the personnel issues at Colgate. We must also include HR. Keep in mind, I would say we only have a good 5% of middle... read more
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Sad times at Colgate

So many young people are leaving Colgate. Once upon a time you would see young people stay 10 or 12 years. Nowadays, it's 3 to 5 years. New employees are having a hard time with middle management. Older employees are just trying to stay afloat. I... read more
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Austria Layoffs have been announced

There is nothing secretive about it - the redundancy was announced per regulations
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A lot of thinking to do

I am not too concerned about the 150 who have received a package. I am more concerned about about the folks who are 15 and below. Will a package be available or not, is my first question. Secondly, is it really time for me to look for a job or just... read more
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Colgate-Palmolive Q4 2017 Layoff Updates

Rumors are swirling of a 4Q layoff at Colgate-Palmolive. Even the so call golden children are putting their resumes together. Moral will forever be at a all time low. I hope they provide a fair package to all levels before all is said and done. If we... read more
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Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) was communicated yesterday

A Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) was communicated yesterday to approximately 150 Corporate employees, to generate savings and efficiencies in Corporate functions. As with other elements of the GGEP program, we intend to invest the savings... read more
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SWM in Spotswood NJ is hiring if anyone is looking for work!

SWM in Spotswood NJ is hiring Electrical and Instrumentation Techs as well as Machine Operators if anyone is looking for work. I applied and had an interview this morning. Starting pay is around $18 hour. Shift work is required and have to join their... read more
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VERP Updates

Please share anything you may know on the impeding VERP
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