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Cognizant firing.

Massive firing at year end at Cognizant.Mostly on-site folks will be affected.
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Crazy layoff

Mass layoff at CTS.very high attrition rate.8+ experience guys are systematically target. There is news surfacing of massive layoff across the location
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folks moved to quess copr will be fired in 3 months time by quess corp

folks moved to quess copr will be fired in 3 months time by quess corp as part of package deal an dquess will manage (thro birbes and goondas and political support) and silence the any protest by employee or fite
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Layoff started again

HR calling Associates in Chennai,Coimbatore and other locations and forcing Associates to resign/leave,another round of layoff in cognizant started
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Cognizant Layoffs 2018

Things are not improving and we might see job cuts in Teaneck.
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Slowdown in 2018, possible layoffs

The whole industry is slowing down, big time. Not sure what's happening and how Cognizant will be affected - the fact is, it's uncertain and it may get worse before it gets better. India is hurting big time, just because we are so big and there are... read more
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Salary Increase Oct 2017

Still no update on salary increase. This was already delayed till October yet no update as of 3rd October.
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Continuous layoffs of 10 to 50 people per location

Daily layoff of min 10-50 people per location is very much going on. This is not the first place I've seen something like this written, but I am yet to hear anything about it outside rumors. If Cognizant was letting go of this many people, even if it... read more
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Cognizant Bench Period

How much bench time is tolerated by Cognizant - for example, if I am on the bench more than 4 weeks am I going to be laid off?
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Prepare for incoming layoffs at Cognizant

All groups will be impacted process already started, based on lessons learnt from this year and best practices imported from tech maheendra, false evidence being gathered against each targeted person to implicate person as non performer(by hook or... read more
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Is it true that Cognizant is planning a mass layoff in 2018?

Do you think the rumor about mass layoffs at Cognizant in 2018 are true? If yes, what groups and locations will be affected in 2018. Also, aside from Cognizant - are other tech firms in India going to be having layoffs and if yes, what firms?
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company struggling to create positive work environment - but no luck

company struggling to create positive work environment - in te hwak of scandalous and unethical layoff - but no luck. No one is able to trust their managers even managers not able to trust higher managers for anything. Any simple technical query to... read more
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September Layoffs

Are there layoffs scheduled to happen by end of September after announcement of Q3 results?
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Immediate Changes are Required at Cognizant

Hello All - I have been working in Cognizant for the last 18k years and I feel I should put forward a few eye-witnessed incidents, facts, perceptions and decisions taken by the leadership which has made the company change it’s character over the... read more
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How to control freshers

This is how the game is played here in Bangalore: First let as group of freshers age for long time on bench (post training) and arrange counseling - by asking why u are not getting into any project- then they are pushed into BAD-PROJECT-NO-1 with... read more
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Atleast cognizant share price has zoomed by up 40% over last two quarters

Atleast cognizant share price has zoomed by up 40% over last two quarters. Probably the only It compnay whose share price appreciated so sharply after shedding staff. No other Indian based or US based IT player's share price had such positive effect... read more
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IT cost optimisation: Layoffs by a different name for companies

As buzz in the IT industry comes to a steady halt with the second quarter coming to an end, companies which are experiencing high attrition rate are now learnt to be on a cost optimisation spree to cut operational costs, including pay cuts... read more
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layoffs happening?

Are layoff happening? I have not seen anybody getting fired. All this looks to be rumors and media creation.
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Cognizant rehire policy information

Do you know what the official Cognizant policy on rehiring people is. I was laid off in 2016 here in the States, and I found a position that's currently open and it may be a perfect fit for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - even... read more
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Time for close HR Dept in IT companies

During the recent months,we have seen the way HR managers behaving badly with IT employees forcing them to resign or threatening them of termination,Has the time come to close HR depts in IT companies who do not know anything about Human resources or... read more
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PDP not offering any projects at onsite

I have been asked to move back to India terming as Junior resource though I am Senior Associate and onsite hire.
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Anyone working on Bard project?

Anyone aware of what will happen when BD acquire Bard in September? Heard a rumour that HCL will be taking over the existing contract?
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M+ level resources find it tough to get jobs

M+ level resources are struggling to get good job offers from market due to bad press and fears that they may be coming under underperformer category . CTS has really sealed the fate of these people 😊
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Voluntary separation now for AD and SM level

Director level and above were offered voluntary separation last month. Seems like now a similar retirement option will be offered to AD and SM level managers. Is this news true?
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Massive recruitment fraud and bribery. Referrals hijacked to make money

Internal Recruiters and HR in collusion with outside head hunters, placement agencies and brokers have make hundreds of crores money for candidate referral. This has led huge loss to cts as hundreds of crores siphoned off. Employee referral and... read more
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Frank may step down?

There are strong rumors that Frank may step down very soon, any one has any insight
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Forced resignation/layoff stopped?

Has Cognizant temporarily stopped layoff/forced resignatilns due to litigations and several complaints with Labour department across India?
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