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Should I accept a job at Citrix

I was offered a job at Citrix Santa Clara and at several other companies in the Bay Area. My question is if I should take the citrix offer or the Apple or Facebook offer. They seem the same but the Citrix one is lower pay and fewer shares than the... read more
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Citrix board engaged in self-dealing and over compensation .

Citrix was sued in 2015 by shareholders. They settled in 2016. They were compelled to apply remedies in 2017. The board was found to have breached fiduciary duties, committed waste of corporate assets and granted excessive compensation to themselves... read more
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How many products could you fund with $750 mil

Citrix needs your ideas. They don’t have any. All Citrix can think about is closing buildings and buying back stock. They are in Santa Clara the center of innovation in the whole world and they don’t have one single idea for growth. $750 million and... read more
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so tired of this

anybody else really tired of constantly having to worry about having a job the next day? when exactly did we reach this point? i caught myself reconsidering going to see wife's family for the holidays because if i get laid off the cost of plain... read more
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Santa Barbara shutting down next week

The California WARN notice for 12/4/2017 fits the rumors around shutting down the princely expensive Santa Barbara cloud operations site and consolidation to Fort Lauderdale . The SB site was used for citrix cloud operations but does not make... read more
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Layoff of 97 employees next week in Santa Clara

The proof is in the official WARN act issued to the state of California effective for 12/4/2017. See the official WARN acts notice reported to the state here / This... read more
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Citrix is fully in the hands of EM and DH does their bidding

Citrix is going in to debt to buy back shares hoping to boost the price so that EM can profit. Citrix Authorizes Aggregate $2 Billion Share Repurchase As part of its capital return program, today Citrix also announced the pricing of a $750 million... read more
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Any rumors of November or December Layoff

Anybody hear anything about the second rumored layoff for the year. We are trying to decide if the family can go away on vacation or if we should just hold on tight to our money in case of surprise layoffs.
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Need Advice ? New Job Opp ? Leave or Not

Hello Everyone, just need advice since been with this company around 10 years already. Just got an opportunity to join another company to a role that i tried many times at citrix with no luck. The difference here is the company is considered small... read more
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New openings on citrix website

Firing people in US and most of the openings are in India and China. /
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If you are feeling blue this will cheer you up

Know that the savings from your layoff is going to fund the good cause of leaders of the company. From / Name/Title Total Cash Equity Other Total Compensation David J. Henshall... read more
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Goodbye Santa Clara

Anyone heard rumors about moving out of the more expensive Cali site? Mark T. wanted a presence there and it seems current leadership does not.
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Revenues up, layoffs down?

I was wondering if anybody else here thinks that the latest bump in revenues /as small as it is) will slow down fiolettsk.rus at Citrix, or am I just hoping in vain? Frankly, I wouldn't put it past them to see this as an encouragement to continue with... read more
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Bad news from Citrix keeps coming

The bad news just keeps coming. What's next? When will it end? In the last two years these have been the main stories. Lawsuit against employees Layoffs on Oct. 4 Netscaler builds pulled Kirill departure Templeton departure Elliott takeover
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Thank you for letting me go

Dear former Sr. Director, thank you for deciding to axe me. Seriously... Thank you. I have moved into a position better than you could ever have provided me. I have a new team that actually loves my input. I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck... read more
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Future of Xenmobile?

I am part of the XenMobile group and I am relatively new, I am super uneasy after and it seems that many of my colleagues are not focusing on work any more. There is low confidence in the future of the product and those who stay are... read more
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These types of restructuring are nothing new

These types of restructuring are often taken to prune the organization a little bit. It is much easier on the manager to put an employee on a RIF list than to go through the lengthy process of a performance plan. Some good people get swept up in... read more
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Citrix Systems Layoffs 2018

Do you really think that our fine and modest executives are that stupid to leak info about layoffs in Fort Lauderdale.
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Citrix is continuously doing layoffs

Citrix is continuously doing layoff's. That might save them few bucks but they kept on loosing respect and the TALENT. from last 6 months I have never seen some one praising Techsupport of Netscaler Support outside Citrix. They say no one has any... read more
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Why are we hiring new people?

Can anybody explain to me why is Citrix hiring people at the same time it is doing major layoffs? How does this even make sense? And please don't say it's for different jobs, we lost a great worker who could have easily switched to this position, and... read more
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Layoffs still ongoing

Heard about a few people still getting laid off. Guess they’re not done...
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Layoffs and H1B Visas

Everyone talk about Layoffs. But check H1B LCA filed and approved this year recently in 2017 for Citrix at / Why hiring and Layoffs going together? Labor department is sleeping.
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December layoffs are just a rumor

I keep seeing references to December layoffs. Where is this information coming from? During meetings with several high-level VPs about the direction Citrix will be taking, none of this was alluded to. Same, , no indication whatsoever... read more
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Wait for the December layoffs

If you think these layoffs were massive. Wait till December. Get out now!
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Best of luck to everyone

I was one of only a handful of XenMobile specialists, and was let go on Wednesday. I was informed that product focused presales/engineering, regional shared services, interns and offices where multiple layers of management exist will be affected... read more
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Citrix - Working From Home

Citrix' core business is remote access. I worked there eleven years before I was allowed to work a single minute from home. That's not exactly eating your own dog food.
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Raleigh expansion still on?

How does this even make sense anymore? Public records show the incentives the state offered secured the deal. But, to get those dollars, Citrix will have to create at least 360 jobs by the end of 2021. It will also have to maintain its initial... read more
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