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Cisco ANZ Xmas Layoffs “Skirts”

Cisco ANZ another round of cuts pre Xmas for Grade 11+ to replace with lower cost Grade 8 “Skirts”.
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Why people still believe Cisco is a great place to work

Employees have started to treat their jobs like a dysfunctional family relationship. For many groups, the pay is higher than the work truly deserves (not necessarily easy, but also not cutting edge or extremely challenging). After a while, technical... read more
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Question: laptop return ?

Are you wiping your laptop before returning ? How should it be returned back ? How did you return it or planning to return it ? Is there any official policy ?
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Buying the SRX product line

Cisco is in talks with Juniper to buy the SRX product line. Sometimes enemies work together especially if it benefits both. Cisco, it is believed, will then kill the SRX and push existing customers to migrate to Cisco's existing security products... read more
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Future of SPVSS

Anyone cares to predict?
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Massive February 2018 layoff coming

Confirmed there will be a massive mid-February layoff descending upon the company. Profits are not there and labor cuts is the only answer. Strap on the belts because it will be a big one.
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January/February UK layoffs

There are rumours there's going to be more in January and February. Expect a consolidation of RSM's as they look to remove management overhead. This is the new Cisco. Haven't heard anything about more layoffs in the UK that soon. Anybody knows if... read more
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UK Layoffs

Quite a few people got the axe in the UK last week from various parts of the business. Not sure on final numbers but I know 4 individuals personally. No announcement and a month before Christmas. Classy.
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Keep posting

I am shocked at how many VPs read this site. I think it has more reach than people realize. Also, Cisco legal seems obsessed with finding out who is posting. All good signs.
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This is why Cisco continue to fail

Cisco can’t make up the difference Cisco’s Quarter: Are They Really Facing the Future at Last? “Applications are about 10%, Security about 5%, and Services about 25%. Two categories of revenue—applications and security—that are showing significant... read more
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Confirmed news CABU is doing layoff

At least I know Cisco China RD (CRDC) is doing layoff, engineering team are affected
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It's official: Cisco Is Doing Great Without You!

CSCO has not seen these levels since 2001, business continues to shift toward software model, and the market is sure feeling more positive about the company's future. There's a lesson to be learned, particularly by any Cisco Lifer that's been let go... read more
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Footnote to earnings, another 1/4 of cuts

As Cisco put it in the footnote, In August 2016, we began taking action under a restructuring plan in order to reinvest in our key priority areas with estimated pretax charges of approximately $850 million. In the first quarter of fiscal 2018, we... read more
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Letter from SWAPA to Ryanair Pilots

/ The most relevant part: Southwest Airlines was founded by the legendary Herb Kelleher with the objective of bringing air travel to the masses. While it was founded... read more
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Great Again

To all you looser haters, Cisco is on the way back. Time to go back to your dung piles and stop spreading rumors that are fake. There are no LRs happening right now.
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It's working

LR will continue. Profit is up and stock jumps. This means the strategy of cutting costs is working. In the foreseeable future, revenue, employee morale, and product quality will continue to go down. We will see more layoffs and higher bonus for... read more
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Total revenue fell to $12.14 billion from $12.35 billion.... profitability is up 3.1%. So LRing a bunch of people resulted in cost savings, but still revenue drops... Maybe the execs should forgo their huge bonuses this year. Get ready for next... read more
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Cisco's doing monthly LR now?

Is this how we should interpret recent events? Or, should I say it's a weekly thing? Such a great way to utterly f--- up the morale.
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Today (Nov. 15th) is THE day of reckoning

A massive LR will be announced during the earnings call conference at 1:30 PM PST. 7000 heads will be wacked and an additional 4000 might be chopped at the end of Q2. Business is not good and is not expected to improve. Do yourself a favor and... read more
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Underpaid at Cisco

Software Engineers at Cisco, are HEAVILY underpaid. At least in San Jose area. Yes, the work is more flexible, but I don't think this justifies the magnitude of underpayment. II recently interviewed at Tier 1 Sillicon Valley companies, and now have... read more
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Financial Magic for the Twenty First Century and beyond:

Financial Magic for the Twenty First Century and beyond: As long as Cisco still has money parked outside the States, they'll keep buying back shares, and paying dividends. The combination of Regular LR and dividends hopefully still ease up investors... read more
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Read your package documents carefully

There are a lot of rules for signing and returning your agreement, things you might not think of on your own. Be sure you're following the instructions exactly.
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Crickets with every router!

We'll all eat crickets in 20 years, says Cisco's Chambers /
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2 news outlets are saying dead body found likely suicide - why do the threads here keep going down?
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Failed Business Vision

CISCO paid $5B for NDS. Cisco unsuccessfully attempted to get synergy between the two businesses using 4 or 5 senior Cisco executives (one very, very senior executive declined the job and smartly took PTO to care for a family member). Cisco... read more
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Nov. 8 came, no layoffs

stop spread rumors. no layoff happen on nov. 8th.
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Goodbye Emails

Wtf do people send goodbye emails? They are annoying especially if I don't even know you
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Your Services are not required

Recently I got LR package and the very first paragraph mentioned that " My services are not required at Cisco". Now I got affected because the BU I worked had less market share. What it means that Cisco products are not required in market any more... read more
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More stealthy layoffs...

CPSG got hit today. Time for a collective sigh of relief, as we sort of knew it was coming, but the anxiety of waiting and wondering is over. Many people had new jobs lined up already. If you are visiting this board frequently, then you know about... read more
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So long, it was fun....

...listening to all your griping and complaining here. Our BU got the ax, but fortunately was sold off instead of thrown into the dumpster. I can already feel my IQ slowly increasing at our new acquisition home. Best thing that could've happened to... read more
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NDS on the auction block?

The last thread on this topic got deleted ! /
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Any news about cuts in SBG?

I keep hearing that there is going to be a small LR in SBG this week. Anyone heard the same? Any news what groups/location exactly?
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