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Silent Night - a positive Christmas song

Silent Night, Oak Tree Night, I have guards, to keep out worker bees. Christmas bonuses they are gone Cash Cost Multiplier is NONE but I still make my millions... buutt I still make millions
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A lesson in hypocrisy

It’s okay to be on the buying end of relationships (especially if it is OU athletics and you can brag about having the phone number of the head coach), but it is NOT okay to be bought in any way.
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Chesa-Bells (sung to Jingle Bells tune)

Piggot loves tight shirts, Dewbre loves OU, Dougie sits in his white caste while CHK gets screwed. oh, more TIL bell, more TIL Bell, ring that stupid bell Culture training, unfreezing dear God this must be Hell Oh, more TIL bell, more TIL bell, I... read more
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It flabbergasts me how some people have to work so hard and fight for a raise and title while others who don't know or do their job, kiss a--..and boom...promotion! Legal is a cesspool of managerial idiots
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Racist CHK

This company is a racist company that doesn't hire many black people and the ones they do hire have to work harder for a promotion. Hardly any black people in upper mgmt because it's a white mans world up there. F**k CHK I'm glad I'm gone and it... read more
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Merry Christmas Chesapeckers!

Ho Ho Ho, how low can our stock go! Have no fear DDD & JP are hear. We are going to make this place like Anadarko. Grab your bells, be here now, its time for a TIL video cheer! Ole Senn, Ole is another million, will you make up a... read more
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Serious question...

There is an open manager position, was thinking about applying. Heard they will give my spouse a job with same pay grade as well. Will not having Anadarko work experience hurt my chances??
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This isn't complicated

This isn't complicated. Chesapeake won't last forever and everyone knows it. A handful of alarmingly deceitful and unethical folks at the top will continue funneling money into their own pockets. The changes are not about old Chesapeake vs new... read more
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It just keeps getting worse...

I debated posting something yesterday but I was so angry and disappointed I didn’t know where to start. I’ve had 20plus years in oil and gas accounting. It’s incredibly specialized and not just anyone in accounting can do it. It doesn’t matter if... read more
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Christmas Party

Where the hell is the Christmas Party. We can spends hundreds of thousands on culture training and remodeling building 13 but still no damn holiday party to bring us all together. I can see small ma and pa companies still have Christmas parties but... read more
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Be ready accounting...

You will always remember the 28th of November.
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Actual Layoffs - Tip of the Iceberg

The Napoleon Bonaparte of balance sheets has gone on the offensive. That's right, little Billy Turdburgler has plucked some bloat from the accounting hierarchy. He has proven that he is the perfect new d-bag addition to the soulless executive team... read more
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Congrats to the new land manager that has six months of actual landman experience. At least the Haynesville land manager is no longer at the top of the long list of terrible and undeserving managers at Chesapeake. What a joke this place continues to... read more
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The Senn Delaney Prayer

So now we are to be saying the Senn Delaney Prayer???? "Grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change ... and to know that the problem is not them but me." Apparently, this means we must accept our management because they are so lost... read more
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90 Days

Any clue on how many employees have resigned in the last 90 days? It seems like a lot, anyone in HR know?
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What does CHK ACTUALLY Need?

Open message to all employees - what do you think CHK actually need to drive differential performance? In my department, things are decent. Not perfect, but certainly don't see to suffer from some of the problems that everybody complains about on... read more
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CHK employees and the culture is toxic

This whole company needs to be SOLD. CHK employees and the culture is TOXIC. It was toxic 4 years ago and it hasn't changed. Most of the employees here are the SAME toxic people that now only work harder to focus on running down anyone new to chk in... read more
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CHK downgraded to Sell with $2 price target

Chesapeake Energy (CHK -6.68%) is downgraded to Sell from Hold with a $2 price target at Jefferies, which says it is wary of CHK's valuation and leverage, among other factors. While CHK has made great strides to simplify its corporate structure and... read more
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Culture survey

The next survey I'm going to put everything is perfect. That way more bull$hit won't get pushed down on us. We don't have issues communication or work with out peers. We have an issue with chesapeake when vp's and manager go downtown to a fancy hotel... read more
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Productive Meetings This Week Regarding Staff Reductions

They told many managers the staffing excercise a few months back was merely that, looks like the exercise will be put in action soon. Trying to make it happen well before turkey day to hopefully keep morale up for the remaining troops before the... read more
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Oil industry is dying

Chesapeake will not recover, and neither will the oil industry. After 3 years of low oil prices, you still don't see the writing on the wall? $50 oil is no more sustainable than $40 oil is, no matter what the lying media and corporate talking heads... read more
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Chesapeake can recover

The market has been expecting SOME news.. the silence from the exec's over the past few months has been deafening. Employees are getting worried. We all assume that some assets will be sold, but nothing significant has been announced. Luckily, demand... read more
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Less TIL Bell, Please!

We were forced to create and participate in a bell ringing video, I was so embarrassed. Stop the insanity, this is getting ridiculous.
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I wish they would lay off those more til bell videos - am I right!? But seriously, layoffs in November. Mostly in land and we all know why. EC is already having secret meetings about it. You know, cause that's what our core values are all about. Take... read more
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Working at Chesapeake?

What Do you think? Are you guys recovering or in death spiral mode? It looks like the last few years have been rough but the market seems to be coming around. For whatever Chesapeake is lagging their peers in recovery. Is it getting better on the... read more
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Accountability ladder? LOL

If we spent as much time as a business focused on our core business rather than UW ducks and bbq OR this culture crap and the other flavor of the month distractions ....we might have a slim chance of business success. ( If I hear another totally fake... read more
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We can expect more layoffs

Of course they have plans to layoff or move people. Over the last year or so there are probably 500 fewer people working in the field offices, at least 5000 fewer wells, and a couple thousand miles of gathering lines and transmission lines no longer... read more
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United way

Who is enjoying this year's UW shakedown? If our leaders focused on the stock price as much as buying ducks we might be in better shape.
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Wanted:A Job with a real E&P company

Enough with WIGs, be here now, hold hands, culture change, crap! Get back to the basics, lease, drill, complete, produce, repeat. You will continue to lose good talent; but wait until oil recovers, you will lose more & more employees to competitors... read more
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The Competition Laughs!

This site is great! Best entertainment out there. Can't believe your company is still afloat.
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Townhall time?

It's about time for another doug townhall, or as I call it the circle jerk. Doug will jerk on jason, frank, etc. Tell it to us straight, we're in a horrible finantial position fully at the whim of commodity prices.
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The new CHK look!

Is it true that the new land VP is telling people to cut their hair, shave and he wants his employees to look a certain way? Isn't that a major HR violation?
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