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Cheap CEO!

Explain how during bankruptcy they have better raises than now?? What a cheap a$$ of a CEO... clearly he doesn’t care to try and retain talent.
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I have been directly affected by Chaparral's operations, and this Perdure thing has got me very worried. If Perdure is actually rehashed Stackarral management, it signals a status quo for me or worse moneywise. Anyone know the name of the Perdure... read more
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New company same ole dumba$$$

Get ready for the worst cold water ennama you could possibly have. Keep your resumes up to date you will need it sooner than later. Just matter of time before the curtain closes on the muppets show!
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Chaparral's Core Values

So, I guess all pretenses are out the window. Forget about integrity and relationships. Straight from the Frog's mouth. Good thing EOR is gone so we can really "grow shareholder value." Never mind the ones actually doing all the work have no... read more
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Perdure might be just as ignorant as Chaparral hahaha!!!!

So you take the few guys that out at least a little bit of effort into actually giving a f--- about the field and where the wells are at and so forth. Yet you lay them off and now the one major f---ing idiot out of them all is left in the same spot... read more
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Buyer Beware!!

So do you "Geys" "ers" really believe that everyone deleted their videos and pictures?! Not to mention many field hands and drivers H(ave) 2 S(ay) that things aren't all that safe out here! You want to kill someone before it comes out?
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Core values

This should be fun. Write a sentence using the following words: "integrity","relationships","results","technical excellence"
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Yesterday a manager, today a director!

Upper management just keeps promoting themselves, changing their pointless titles over and over again and reorganize the depts. Yesterday a manager, today a director, It just seems pointless, no one cares. But all the real workers, the ones that... read more
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Bacon Hair

The most important question is WHO IN THE HELL IS BACON HAIR?
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Sh*tter was full!

And it stinks on the forth floor! The incompetence of Stackarral mgmt is bewildering! They promote the idiots and guys who waste millions of dollars, keep reorganizing, changing titles, moving the same few “golden boys” up the chain while the rest of... read more
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Thread missing

There was a post here earlier, I don't see it anymore. Who is deleting this?
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More layoffs incoming at Chaparral

Anyone left shouldn’t be fooled, more layoffs will happen. Now that EOR is gone, they don’t need all those in accounting, IT and safety. They will continue to sell off more assets. If you’re not in that inner circle of a--kissers, better kiss your... read more
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If you have any other job prospects, GO NOW!

Things are happening that aren't good. Idk if it's better to hope for a good severance package or just find another job now. After coming out of bankruptcy I doubt they will be generous. The top people will golden parachute out of course!
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EOR SALE- layoffs

Man oh man, good luck to everyone at Chaparral. Layoffs again Too many people not enough assets Stack stack stack And don’t forget about the core values
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Bond Holders? Company owners? Who are we?

So Mark is out. Earl is more than likely on his way out. If it were me being the equity holder a major and I do mean major change of guard in the managerial department would be in the works. Who do we actually work for now and will we be informed on... read more
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Jet Lag?

Why would a plane ride be necessary from OKC to Weatherford for a meeting with field personnel? Wonder what the price tag for fuel was on that 6 minute flight? No one have drivers licenses? There has to be 10 pool cars setting here ready to go. And... read more
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CCMP out?

I hear CCMP left and has turned their part over to the bond holders? Probably a smart move.
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Loyal guys let go....

I'm confused as to why some hard working, loyal employees were Layed off but others took their positions? Also, why are people getting a bonus, not to mention some getting raises? This sounds like politics to me. Someone wanted to have more control... read more
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So no one wants to talk about the nice sugar coating that it is good to skip a loan payment on a billion dollar loan? Tick tick tick....
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Who is that creep

With an office on the north end of the building that watches people arrive in the morning with a monocular?
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The Story of NERO Comes to Mind

In July of 64 A.D., a great fire ravaged Rome for six days, destroying 70 percent of the city and leaving half its population homeless. According to a well-known expression, Rome's emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular NERO, "fiddled while... read more
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The KingFischer delivered the death blow and has told the employees they are depleting their credit revolver. This slow motion train wreck, while very sad is at least almost over. The grim reaper of bankruptcy has mercy for no one as a fool and their... read more
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More Gone

I understand there was a small lay off this week. A few field hands and Jeff Roberts.
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Whack A Mole

The only thing the people at the top are good at is playing Whack a mole with the latest debt problem...and they are about to need a lot of paddles with the tsunami of debt issues heading their way. Maybe they can find another CCMP that is dumb... read more
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Chaparral Fleet Vehicles-

Does anyone know who to get in touch with, in regards to asset liquidation. More specifically as it pertains to a fire sale of Chaparrals Fleet vehicles? I would assume, that as they let employees go, that they will end up with more vehicles, than... read more
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The King Has No Clothes

And so the debacle continues. The curtain has been pulled back and the King pulling the levers has no clothes after all. Chaparral is in the 11th hour of its life cycle and sadly, the hard working people are suffering rather than the buffoons at the... read more
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