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Cenovus layoffs = Shaw layoffs

If Cenovus offered up the same idea as Shaw recently did for their employees, what would the outcome be? 50% ask for severance? 30? CVE mgmt would get a huge slap in the face much like Shaw - everyone wants out. Who wants to work at a company where... read more
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Bonus is cut

So they confirmed that almost everyone below a manager is taking bonus cuts. Basically saying the average worker is over paid but the poor managers and leadership are barely scraping by. Alex says he wants to be transparent? Then post the whole... read more
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Finance Posts?

Where did all the Finanace posts go? None of the replies violated the conditions setforth on this site.
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Valentine's Layoffs

Heard that fiolettsk.rus will resume today, Happy Valentine's Day...
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Source: / The woman, who CBC News is not identifying because she's concerned speaking out could hurt her future job prospects, said an email went out on Feb. 1 outlining the dates some... read more
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15% cuts is fake. True number is over 1500 layoffs

I was monitoring how number of layoffs was increasing since November. True number is over 1500 as of today, including contractors and employees. Who don't believe check Alex's org chart with total available personnel. Currently is below 3500 when... read more
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Packages Discussion

What did everyone get for packages? 52 / base salary * severance / years experience = weeks paid per year of service. Please note your years experience too. Also, February is paid too right?
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Cenovus decline and layoffs

Cenovus has been on slow decline for years. Instead of producing oil and gas they became a safety company..more concerned with bureaucracy than production. Mr Fergusan was a pathetic leader. .....I received a package in November after 25 years. Yes... read more
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Latest layoff

Hardworking and excellent workers are not longer "tolerated" by the company. They just can't survive any more. That tells you a lot about the survivability of this company.
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Calgary protected again

Most emails and inc page messages alluded to majority Calgary layoffs during these cuts. Of course this wasn't the case, field took the brunt AGAIN and the fat was barely skimmed in the twin towers. At least the EVP/VP scene has been reduced greatly... read more
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You need to take this with a grain of salt - this is unconfirmed and I got this from a dir level person. I heard that some more SLT reductions will be happening again once they are done with this round - they will be targeting about 200 folks. Again... read more
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Let go today

I was let go today. Package was really good in my opinion. Good luck to everyone that remains. Things are going to s--- for a long time. Not sure where the company is headed.
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Layoffs at CL

Safety techs let go at CL this morning .... letting go of brilliant employees .... way to go CVE
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IT got cut early again

Wow. What a surprise. Cenovus cuts off access before notification of being let go again. You’d think after all the rounds of layoffs they would have it down to a science.
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February 5 Cenovus layoffs

Everybody was saying that layoffs were confirmed for February 5, but nothing is happening as of yet, at least at my location. Usually at least something would have happened by now if there were truly to be any layoffs today. Has it started anywhere... read more
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Your Odds May be Higher than You Think

Nominally your odds of being let go are about 15%, on average. In some groups though, when you subtract off people that are really useful in critical positions and the FOH's, your odds may be like 30-50%. What's an FOH you might ask? Workers that are... read more
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Hard Exit or Soft Exit?

Good chance I am going to be let go on Tuesday. I wonder if I should go hard exit and just leave or stay around and chat with my colleagues for an hour or so? My colleagues I will miss, my VP, SVP and the leadership team I will not. Maybe some pasta... read more
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Layoffs confirmed for February 5

I've seen a few people in different threads mention that Cenovus layoffs have been confirmed for Monday, February 5. I'm trying to find where the confirmation came from, but I'm not able to locate anything relating to it. Anybody else has more info... read more
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I need to transfer to IT.

Out of 191 IT people, they laid off 13. I guess they won't save much on their ridiculously high contractor salaries! Most of these IT people make more than the scientists who actually find oil & gas and create value for this ENERGY company!!! What a... read more
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Packages ?

Anyone knows what the packages look like? or how they calculate it?
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You thought Cenovus was ok with 3 years of sub $70 oil?

No, they weren't and now comes the real killing. The first bloodbath back in 2014 and 2015 was just so the company could reduce expenses enough to last this long. And you thought you were in the clear as oil is rising. Nope, this will make 2014 look... read more
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More layoffs in Calgary

More layoffs in Calgary will happened on February 6th. They will send home 500 employees. Is this ever going to stop...
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Layoffs in Calgary

They are going to layoff about 500 people soon in Calgary's office. This has been going on for weeks and longer. I really feel sorry for those people.
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I am out too!

I am waiting for the bonus or a package, then I am out also. I cannot handle this anymore. I am doing interviews right now. I can't believe you people are still hanging on. I know the job market is not great but you should apply apply apply to any... read more
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I am done too!

Received another job offer last week. Now I just have to wait for the package or the bonus before giving my notice. CVE is on shaky ground right now. DB is the new cash drain and with half of 2018 fully hedged at ~50 WTI, CVE c kiss any upside... read more
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I'm done

Cenovus has a way to make it seem as if they are right on track with today's market yet with all the cuts in budget and resources your job security is flimsy at best. There is a wave of fear around the departments on who will be next. Upper... read more
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A few layoffs this week

Mostly under the radar but a few contracor and employee positions have been eliminated since the culling of the VP’s a week or two ago.
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SLT Layoffs

Do you think the recent SLT layoffs/changes were “deep enough?”
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Layoffs delayed?

Heard fiolettsk.rus have been delayed until March. CVE will be hiring more HR specialists though. Any chance this is true?
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"Old boys club"

Let the "Old boys club" continue even after these layoffs. I wonder what's going to happen when they eventually have to start laying each other off.
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