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rigid work environment

okay, levels of oversight during work hours have gone from bad to worse... there is so much control that it would be considered funny if it was not sad... our breaks are highly monitored, including our bathroom breaks... production numbers i get, but... read more
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Nepotism and favoritism

Capgemini pretty much runs on nepotism and favoritism. How hard you work doesn't matter. People who have the right connections will get promoted. Hence a whole slew of on-site managers who have giant egos but show zero professionalism and actual... read more
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Are we ever going to stop being in cost-cutting mode?

Capgemini has been in cost-cutting mode for years now. Meeting financial targets for the quarter has become the only thing the company is focused on. No vision, no long-term plans... Just more cost-cutting. This is affecting morale more and more... read more
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Horrible management

How many things has the management promised and never delivered on? Sometimes it was outright lies and sometimes it's just failing to deliver on what was promised, but the result is the same. Employees who end up screwed over once more by those on... read more
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New layoff plan is here

New layoff plan is here - read this to understand its origin and method
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LBS boss at the door

CVP level LBS boss is at the door. His days are numbered and so are days of his keeps yes he has been scr***##### and giving them promotions in return. Bye bye LBS CEO.....
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Finally CTO India so called office closed.

Wondering why it took this long to close down so called CTO office. 2 useless SR Director and 1 Director have been kicked out.
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Firing igate employees from capgemini without having any reason

Its true that capgemini is firing igate employees without any reson by paying 3 months pay to the employee. Guys be alert they dont care any employees responsebility just playing a nice layoff games .dont join it in future if planning to switch from... read more
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Recruiters need to ne laid off too for curruption and bribery

Why should only techies pay the price. Currupt recruiters and HR folk as well admin teams who make big money thro transport canteeen and clasx 4 employee recruitment must be firec. Average recuiter makes min 10 lakh per month thro money for hiring... read more
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Capgemini kicking out VP

VP are forced to retire... Capgemini reduced retirement age and forcing VP to take VRS. 2 EVP level and 1 VP let go in last 2 weeks. RIP Capgemini.
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Indian IT

There are sizable number of people in IT who are racist. Promotions are either by language or by caste. The thumb rule in many IT companies is that if one is a Boss's pet he/she can behave as if they are a law unto themselves. All these guys are good... read more
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Capgemini/IGATE/9000 Layoffs

French IT services major Capgemini is said to be letting go nearly 9,000 people, or nearly 5% of its workforce. A large part of this are erstwhile employees of Igate, the company that Capgemini acquired in 2015. Asked about fiolettsk.rus, Capgemini did... read more
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corrupt HR, recruitment and admin damaging IT sector

corrupt HR, recruitment and admin damaging IT sector. \ skilled guys dont get jobs and unskilled one enter due to corrupt recruiters and become managers quickly and garner credit for work done by real techies
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Fire all capgemini Director

Fire capgemini director,they are internally promoted and they donnt know how to deal. Worst is SCM, in SCM managers and competancy lead are like DUMP.
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Upgrade & upskill

Upgrade & upskill is a mantra to sustain in d current market situation. It's very easy to blame others for our failures but it takes courage to take ownership of our own actions.i have been working in CG since two years & yes,have seen some... read more
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After buy and Integration with Igate,

After buy and Integration with Igate, Variable pay reduce to 90% its part of CTC. working hours increase 9 to 9.5 hours. People who regions in December they loose whole variable pay (its part of CTC). Insurance to parents removed. Night shift free... read more
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AXA Takeover D Ratings

Capgemini took over AXA and they have started doing this giving D Rating and removing employees Instead of removing highly paid unless managers they are removing technical employees who are holding the project. Managers are very partial towards their... read more
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Capgemini is rocking

All fake news on this board. Only non performers are asked to leave. None at Manager and above level are impacted. Only jr staff who just do not work have been identified​. Hikes are pretty decent ranging from 15 percent to 5 percent. Bonus will be... read more
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Despite of 4 successful projects with zero escalations in 2 years, CG has given 3 rating and 1.5% increment of which 1% in variable pay and 0.5% fix. CG FS has a very bad reputation as all senior management is from Canbay and they lobby for each... read more
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Capgemini Severance Pay

What's the severance pay for retrenched employees?
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Say NO to Jashn!!

Instead of spending CG employees hard earned money on Jashn, give 100% variable to employees. That will be a real hike from CG management to employees. Say NO to Jashn!!
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Layoffs at Indian IT Companies

Why these news flashes only at the time of an Appraisal or Hike? Look at the last Five years history, An Indian IT Biggies are earning the Profit just by doing that. They knew the Indian IT workforce psychology very well and we are asking them to... read more
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Variable slab finalized by CG Sr. Management.

Rating 3: Between 75-85%. Rating 2: Between 85-95%. Rating 1: Between 95-105%. Variable payout date: 31-03-2017.
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Are you over 35? If yes, get ready for a layoff...

"I am not very pessimistic, but it is a challenging task and I tend to believe that 60-65 per cent of them are just not trainable," Capgemini India's chief executive Srinivas Kandula said. "A large number of them cannot be trained. Probably, India... read more
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Mass layoffs already started!

Already 35 senior positions has been axed last month (Feb). This includes VP, Sr. Director and Director positions. Around 200 resources, particularly working for US projects at Airoli office have been axed from all levels. IGate integration was a... read more
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Bonus gone no bonus for 3 rating

CG bonus party over no bonus payout to 3 raters. Only 100 percent to 2 and 120 percent to 1. Payout letters will be send to all on 15 March
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Capgem layoff confirmed.

India HR forcing benchers to put in papers. Onsite folks returning one by one due to pressure from Trump machine. Margins going for a toss in some accounts, reliable sources say, and might mean people forced to take up random projects, if they want... read more
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I dont think CG is going to layoff but they are certainly removing middle level people. Any senior person resigns they are hiring one level below person to replace him. The tactics they are using to remove is no hike in pay, reduction in variable... read more
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Massive layoff planned in IGATE / Capgemini.

Kandula has approved massive layoff of Capgemini senior staff. 31 March is the D-date. New fiscal year will have 5000 asses less. Mark my words.
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It is shameful that Legacy Igate HR head is Capgemini CEO.

It is shameful that Legacy Igate HR head is Capgemini CEO, that's leading to major legacy Capgemini Employees layoff. I gate Management has taken over enforcing the rating 4 despite a good feed back from client and enforcing to call client and give... read more
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Capgemini India using dirty tactics to make people leave

They are giving forced rating of 4 meaning 0 hike and no bonus. Demoting and pushing employees to bad project. Using these tactics they wann employees to resign. All this making CG India real bad company to work for.
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Capgemini India axing it's workforce

Just heard one VP axed. There is a list that has over 1000 names at all levels. It's scary at Cap, Igaters are running the show.
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