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Bombardier not encroaching on Boeing.

Bombardier claims the engine and the wings will save up to 20% fuel compared with the Airbus A320ceo and the Boeing 737NG; the CS300 is 6 tons lighter than the Airbus A319neo and nearly 8 tons lighter than the Boeing 737 MAX7, helping it to achieve... read more
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CS500 V Boeing.

CS 500 V Boeing Directly. Bombardier accuses Trump administration of ‘egregious overreach. Are Bombardier being a little premature securing the CS500 title to tackle Boeing directly. This seems an erogenous Reach around, yanking Boeing chain and... read more
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Too many corners cut

Too many corners cut, process control panels, process monitoring / archiving. raw material control. Critical process functions, personnel qualified or not. Where are the audits. Just another few corrective actions to bluff over, job done. Where are... read more
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Bombardier Macon Plant Closing

ExpressJet out. What will happen to Bombardier Macon Plant? Is this facility scheduled to close? /
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Pay us back ASAP

Pay us back Bombardier, no more lies, layoffs, bonuses... /
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Give me strength lol, this company wasted over $1bn on nothing more than a whim with a learjet nobody wanted or needed. It built Global whitetails in hope rather than actual sales which lead to a schedule decimation and expenditure outgoings that... read more
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Montreal Layoffs 2017

There is a rumor that Montreal might be hit big time in 2017. Is this something we should worry about right now or is it just one of dozens speculations floating around that predict doom and gloom? I've been around the block for a while and I know... read more
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Show them what we're made off here in Ulster!

Dear colleagues Here in Belfast we have at the time of this story roughly around 4000 employees, I will disregard the CLF at this juncture, out of those 4000 employees around 600 are managerial graded positions which equates to approxiametly 1... read more
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There seems to be a Common Theme from most of the posts I have read Bombardier Employees Feel Undervalued, Workforce Opinion falls on Deaf Ears, Constant Job Insecurity And the Relentless Push for More for Less is taking its toll on all the Workforce... read more
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Wizard from P&W

I thought the wizard from P&W was brought in as the fixer, looks like he may yet be the closer. Hoping this time the shop floor Worker's will be left a lone. Maybe they will do away with the Corner Boy/ Bully Boy type management we have in Belfast... read more
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Time to wake up

The unite union senior Stewart's, are working more for the management and company theses days. Rather than the members that pay dues of nearly £15 a month to be represented and receive none. Time to Waken up guys.
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Belfast is gonna be hit hard

They haven't revealed the numbers yet, nor other specifics, but Belfast is going to be hit hard. Good luck to all.
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CSerie production at Plant 1

I'm a structural assembler currently at the core of the CSerie production at Plant 1 Good news, bad news as long as they talk about it...
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commissioning C377's at Derby

Hello all - I landed here randomly and I see that folks are discussing Bombardier layoffs... Yep been there and done that as a contractor commissioning C377's at Derby, i guess as usual they have gone in cheap to get the contracts. Its about time... read more
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Amatuer Hour yet Again at Bombardier

So Bombardier announce to the world that they yet again cant make c series production rate due to poor supply from the engine manufacturer. Another debacle indeed but it shows the complete lobotomised corporate slime thats running this charity case... read more
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Layoffs in Macon, GA

I hope this doesn't effect any maintenance facilities. Macon, GA is too busy to layoff a single contractor right now.
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Get it over with, Bombardier, please

Waking up and going to work becomes harder and harder these days. This waiting is dragging everybody down. Really depressing, Bombardier, really depressing. Nobody knows if they will have a job tomorrow, so nobody's smiling and nobody cares. And the... read more
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We have had enough!!

Why won't they let go and the workers that wanna go. They want contractors that will brown nose their arsehole managers. Put out a poll to see how many will go!!! We have had enough of ur lies and secrets and Bullshit!!!
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In need of a RF Engineer

If you know someone looking, have them check out / They can also reach me directly at: /
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Cut jobs in Montreal, hired in mexico

I see here a lot of people talking about the belfast division. it's sad to see thats its not only in montreal. they cut so much job over the year by sending job to another country (mexico,india...) for cheap labor. Every part that came from these... read more
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Yep been there and done that

Yep been there and done that as a contractor commissioning C377's at Derby, i guess as usual they have gone in cheap to get the contracts. Its about time they cut some of the levels of managers rather than the people that actually do the work !!
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Bombardier Belfast Redundancies

Bombardier will let 95 go in 2017. The job cuts will happen, that's 100%, just look at all the news about Bombardier redundancies that are all over the web today. This is sad, and it's yet another indicator how hard working people are struggling in... read more
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2015 Layoffs

Heard we might reorganize, any layoffs?
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Aerospace Division Downsizing in 2014

Just got announced, we seem to be affected by "CSeries single-aisle plane" delays, give me a break - 2000 people to be cut? 1,700? Give me a break!!! The key here is that our orders are down, that's what's happening, 20% down...
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