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Normal Boeing St. Louis churn or layoffs and So. Cal tells?

Interesting Missouri (St. Louis) BDS / GS&S employment numbers January 2017 were at 14,064 then dropped to 13,901 in April 2017 then rose to 14,062 in June 2017 (probably shifted from So Cal?) then fell again to 13,918 by Sept 2017 for a net loss of... read more
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Continuous stealthy layoffs

Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop and perhaps the other big aero-defense companies have been playing this game for a long time where the ongoing layoffs are continuous throughout the year but the numbers laid off at any given time is always kept below the... read more
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Boeing Layoffs 2018

If I tell you that I am concerned you'll laugh - but how can you ignore so many warning signs here in Chicago.
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El Segundo (21) and Huntington Beach (12) - last day November 21

About 30 people let go - the last day will be December 1st 2017 (or somewhere there). I lost count now, it's a non-stop layoff machine that's churning pink slips.
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Layoffs Benefits

Just in case you need details, on layoffs, you can find it here:
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More layoffs planned by Boeing

This year seems to be really layoffs heavy for Boeing. 74 more people will be let go, in addition to at least another thousand nationwide since the start of the year (if my calculations are correct.) Hopefully, this trend will soon come to a full... read more
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Boeing laying of 220 in Seattle

fiolettsk.rus will be permanent, and are expected to start in September... I guess good results mean nothing, Boeing will keep doing what it always does... read more
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Can we relax now?

Hmmmm Boeing stock price at all time high but revenue is down with BCA margins actually in double digits 10% and BDS actually with 13% something margin plus major stock buy backs.Of course stating the factories and offices are much more efficient... read more
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Boeing layoff culture

Here we go again, Boeing layoff culture on the move. Boeing seems obsessed with two things – GE and layoffs, how many times does Boeing have to be burned by fools from GE? Boeing is doing blanket layoffs based on Level, from level 4 to 6 and K&L... read more
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Promises are never kept

Boeing capitalized on the backs of new hires, they scared them! Boeing used this to gain heavily well into the future, the unions acted soft and dint see this coming, they passively went along with what Boeing demanded, contract negotiating behind... read more
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Funds for retraining laid off Boeing employees

It is not a solution, but it is something, at least for affected Seattle - King County employees. U.S. Labor Department is providing the funds necessary to retrain workers who were laid off by Boeing, and will also used some of it to help them find... read more
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VLOs and ILOs

I don't want to be Mr. Negativity here, but that 3x growth is not just revenue, it is a profit goal as well. Let's look at how Boeing has met it's goals in the past. Oh yeah, they do VLOs and ILOs to reduce costs and meet profits expectations. Good... read more
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BA is playing a dangerous game

What BCA is doing is systematically dismantling their entire QA program...all for the sole purpose of cutting costs.!!! Senior leadership believes that "Self Inspection" and "Statistical Analysis" of defects will eliminate the value & "excessive... read more
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Guess it will be a blood bath this year....

"The company has also notified staff of plans for additional job cuts in December, which the unions say they are bracing for." /
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CNBC Reports 50 BDS Executives to be RIFed

Anyone know what site will lose the most? BDS St. Louis, Philly, Mesa, OKC, San Antonio, Huntsville? Anyone know if that means the SSG and IT overhead will have RIFs too at those sites due to less customers? CNBC... read more
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SSG jobs moving to Mesa BDS Rotocraft Site

Boeing to move hundreds of Seattle SSG jobs to Mesa AZ (BDS Rotorcraft site). Any news on the number SSG layoffs in other large sites like St. Louis (which for some reason never shows up on the Missouri WARN site like they do in Washington and... read more
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7 More rounds!

after some searching on the boeing internet i found the reduction in force list for this year. so be prepared for a layoff every 2nd to last friday of every month until November 17th! Oh and there 2 dates in october where people will get warns... read more
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Boeing Southern California Layoffs

I received my layoff notice on April 21, 2017. They are going after us 50 & 60 somethings. I don't see them going after the 20 & 30 somethings! Isn't this discrimination? I need a lawyer here!
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30304's / Mechanics

There weren't any WARNs issued to 30304's last month... Rumor is they'll be hitting mechanics in May 2017
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350 ships

Donald Trump has stated he wants to build a Navy of 350 ships. Good times!
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Boeing Global Services - Plano, TX

The new Global Services business unit headquarters is scheduled to be operational in July in Plano, Texas. It's located in the Legacy West mixed-use development in West Plano, the unit will serve pretty much the whole company globally, IT being the... read more
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March 24 Media Wrap

Here it goes: May 2017 Layoffs by Fortune Magazine: / Seattle Times: / CNN:... read more
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It's going to be a big layoff

At least 465 out of the 300-05 job code alone. They are going all the way back to 2011 in some Job codes.
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Union has its own list?

I heard that IAM 751 has its own list too. It is called safe seniority date or some thing like that. How come they don't post it on their website?36
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Warn notices

Heard that there is an employee surplus sheet on the company website. It shown all the dates that the notices will come out for this year. will be once a month until Nov of this year (not Oct like other comment).
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March layoff

111 warn notices given, man, were the rumors off a tad bit.
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Boeing Executives Screw it up Again!

Boeing is not known for hiring the brightest leaders and it sure showed as result of this latest round of layoffs. Boeing's debacle came to fruition I'm part due to Obama's lack of Defense Spending and Boeing leaders who offloaded 80% of the 787... read more
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Charleston Union Vote and layoffs?

In the past some Boeing Charleston white collar employees stated they were told by managers that since the site was non-union they would be immune from layoffs (similar to Japanese auto plants in right to work states) but there were layoffs in 2016... read more
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