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BDX Maryland Targeted Cuts Coming Soon

The really long earlier thread noting the coming closures in Maryland is certainly in the works. The company is going to take advantage of some of the deregulation at the federal level. BDX Execs want to reduce costs by cutting. They recognize the... read more
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BD lost its soul over the years

anybody else remembers the time when layoffs were only done to make up for revenue shortfalls? like a last resort kind of thing? not that layoffs are the right answer even then, but at least we had a concrete reason behind it... then suddenly they... read more
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We are all expendable to increase the bottom line

The long term corporate strategy will yield an increase in already burgeoning profits that will result from a significant reduction in the corporate tax rate, soon to be forthcoming. The reduction in the corporate tax will be coupled with deep across... read more
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How to tell if layoffs are coming

I worked at BD for just 1 month short of 22 years. In my time there I saw 47 layoffs. I escaped the first 46 and the 47th was the one where I got "the call". The one certain way I knew when layoffs were coming was via the Conference Room Reservation... read more
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Lack of pretty much everything

I was thinking how we lack so many things since BD started focusing exclusively on growth through acquisitions. We lack process improvements that should be our priority, we lack communication between all levels (with the biggest disconnect being... read more
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IT layoffs were a huge mistake

I can tell you that the outsourcing of IT has been a burden to those on the business side. The rapport and support that we once had with IT is no longer there. If we had a data or report issue we could actually speak to someone before opening a... read more
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Is it coming to Canada?

Canada as far as I know wasn't hit yet. Since we are small and seems like all departments are understaffed, I am wondering if it will even happen. We are hearing that mostly US is being impacted.
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Helping all people live healthy lives

Helping people live healthy lives !!! Hahahaha helping line the directors pockets more like. In the UK BD’s main customer is the NHS a publicly funded entity paid for by tax payers . It spends millions with BD as a supplier and BD say they are giving... read more
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BD pretty much lost its soul to greed and shareholders.

Where I work it's pretty much gone down hill the last 10 years, and some workers finally had enough and tried to push for a Union after some departments have been on mandatory overtime for at least 5 years And since it's a at will work state the... read more
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More BD acquisitions are coming...

They deserve the negative reviews. SHAME ON YOU BD!!! The "BIG BOYS" at the top continue to pad their pockets with the $$$ that is made for them while all of us underdogs are/were just trying to survive from lone paycheck to another. Hopefully one... read more
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I heard the ITLP's are going to be hit. I guess IT hasn't been gutted enough.
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2016 Cuts

Layoffs took place in IT last year... Worst decision by BD. They didn't look at the quality of people. Capgemini folks are incapable and they tend to fake anything for the sake of billing. BD will realize the impact for the blunder decision after few... read more
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After 11+ Years with BD, I can tell you that...

I never regreted my departure that took place this August - I know you are going through cuts right now, good luck there. We all knew that job cuts are coming to BD. I took off as I was disgusted by all office politics and this was mostly fueled by... read more
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Enough with acquisitions!

BD really needs to lay off acquisitions! Every time we acquire another company, BD management uses the opportunity to reduce the longstanding staff even more. People either get laid off and replaced by cheaper employees, or the position simply gets... read more
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Comm Ops

Anyone hear of people in Commercial Operations getting let go?
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IT Layoffs Updates

Any updates on IT layoffs, I left in 2014. I hope it's not as bad as the rumors I've heard. All the best!!!
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IT outsourcing was a lousy idea

Becton Dickinson is so worried about saving money by laying off hard working employees that they are not even considering long term consequences for the company. Just look at the IT. Outsourcing IT was one of the worst things they could have done. It... read more
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Be Aware

Things are ramping up for something this week and next. No specifics, just the chatter from people in the know. Hang in there everyone. We are in for a bumpy next couple of weeks as the end of the year approaches. Like we were told, waves of layoffs... read more
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I was laid off a year ago and have not found a job yet. The company gave me six months of COBRA. When the six months were over, I called to find out my options. I was a legacy CF employee and was told that they did not have access to the old CF... read more
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Becton Dickinson Layoffs 2018

Layoffs always happen - don’t freak out - be coooool… you cannot change that fact. Accept it and focus on work. We are not safe here in Franklin Lakes.
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It's Chaotic!

As a former employee, the company culture is to hire incompetent management and lay off quality employees. There are some great honest people there, but politically, it's chaos...
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MMS Beware

There have been rumblings for quite sometime within the CF ranks of a major shakeup due to BD not actually being in their element with this type of business. It is getting awful at CF due to years and years of group think style management. By far the... read more
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What happens to Bard employees?

I work at Bard Corporate Office. When can we expect to be laid off?
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Severance package at Becton Dickinson

I was wondering if anybody who was affected by the latest round of layoffs could tell us what kind of severance package was offered to them? It doesn't look like layoffs will be done any time soon, so it'd be nice if we at least knew what we can... read more
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Becton Dickinson is committed to outsourcing model

BD has committed to using the outsourcing model. Any department or function which can be outsourced to an external company, will be. They pretty much got rid of the IT department that way. BD is no longer are responsible for training personnel, or... read more
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Creedmoor, N.C. Plant Closing

They are laying off and closing our entire plant in Creedmoor, N.C. within next few months. They bought us and gave us the bad news! Sparks MD is closing as well.
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Layoffs through March 2018

My husband has worked for BD for 40 years. they just.layed off 2 people in his building in the Sparks, Maryland plant. He got a letter saying these layoffs will be done in waves and it will continue through till next March.
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Annual Culling

Every year at this time, too bad that the people who wants to leave they don't let them go. Been there. BD is still a great place to work for.
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Amazing "who can I step over to get all the credit" Culture

BD was suking the life out of me. You can almost see the darkness and negativity in the halls. What a dreadful place to work. I was there for over 15 years and it kept getting worse. The culture went from "lets succeed as a team" to "who can I step... read more
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Folks the Competition WANATS YOU!

Folks at BG: Go to / The BD competition WANTS you go anch check it out. It is also in San Diego! They have openings in Chicago too What is the... read more
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Been there

Good luck to all affected, I know it's not easy to be laid off, I hope all of you find something better very quickly. I have somewhat similar experience when it comes to layoffs - it was not pretty at all. I was already affected - happened when BD... read more
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So, who is to blame?

BD was once a great place to go into and walk out of happy. People enjoyed the good ol' days of BD. Things change, management shuffles. We entrust the Board of Directors to represent the company. The perverbial "torch" is passed on, we've had some... read more
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Layoff process at BD

Is there any warning to those who were getting laid off or was it a complete surprise shock? Do they give you any explanation? With layoffs supposedly starting today, just curious if I should start packing my cube early.
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Capitalism at its worst

Another corporate monster that works its employees to death, and then throws them out in the streets because they impact the bottom line and the corporate fat cats massive bonuses. Your game is so played out. The revolution has already started. The... read more
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I was laid off last year and it was a blessing in disguise. I moved on and found a job that’s more rewarding and pays better. I think the job market for IT is good and one should be able to transition easily if you happen to be cut. I still have... read more
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More info on September 18 layoffs

9-18-17 fiolettsk.rus have began. Talk is about 30% to be laid off today. Sad day for those who have been there 15+years. No one is protected here. Several locations have been hit yesterday. We still don't know if yesterday was it, or if will carry... read more
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