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Troll of the Year (2017)

I would like to nominate i.emoji as troll of the year. Keep it up.
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2018 Layoffs end of March

Major layoffs end of March and some end of January. Be prepared!
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Christmas Party 2017

I am planning my team’s Christmas party this year and need help coming up with a list of songs. Can you please provide any suggestions? Th party will last 4 hours. I was thinking each hour will have the best hits from a different decade: -1st hr:... read more
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Who dares tell an Emperor that he has no clothes...

The level of incompetence and laziness is rampant. Countrywide is back. Metrics and quality reviews are challenged until the reviewer finally bows their head and makes it green. Everything is smoke and mirrors. If one questions, like the Red Queen... read more
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BAC takes the tech division of labor a step further

BAC takes the division of labor a step further. It ensures that it is not totally dependent on any one individual in all areas so that anyone can be replaced like a spare part at any time. Hi-tech and any form of productive creativity cannot flourish... read more
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Always a pleasure.
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Can coworkers date?

Seems like nowadays there are constant reports of s-xual harassment in the news. Is it still possible to ask a coworker out on a date without worrying about being accused of s-xual harassment?
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Many posts here lately

I like it. Keep it up. Especially in the evening. As always I read it before going to bed.
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Karma is a beautiful thing

Previous manager who laid off multiple people on my team apparently got laid off and showed up at a job interview at my new company. Fortunately the individual lacked the required qualifications and was passed over. Karma makes me smile.
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Load of Cathy's BS along with her Circus Leaders

What a load of BS... Good to know Cathy and her circus leaders have this whole thing under control... I can't leave this place fast enough! /
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November 15, 2017

Bank of America just laid off people today, right before the holidays!
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Layoff Decision Process

I got laid off in 6/2017 and I would like to know what the process is on how selection is made for choosing staff to get laid off within the department. Looking for answers from persons who may know about the process directly. Is it the direct... read more
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BofA Paid me twice....

I just got Laid off from Bank of America (9/2017, after 25 years). I received my severance as stated, but now they say that due to "Late submission/Processing of Separation Information", they duplicated a paycheck, basically a double pay for unused... read more
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Layoffs 11/3

Layoffs in janitorial staffing. 300 to be let go in UK.
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Beware that your payroll is all In order . I got my severance signed the agreement to not sue thn got a year audit on my payroll . Day laid off I get a bill for over $6k saying ooops we audited you just now and you owe due to payroll mistakes since... read more
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Ezlink phone

An distant relative works for the bank in a different department than I do. We are both in the mywork program. She has something called an Ezlink phone. I have no idea what this is. However, she told me they just refreshed her equipment, she got a... read more
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Fined by UK

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Describe your job

If you had to pick a movie to describe your job, which movie would it be?
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Technology Analyst(Software Engineers) layoffs

Does the Bank layoff software engineers or just other IT people? I mean the software engineers automate tasks which lead to other layoffs so... How can the bank hire and layoff people in the same time span?
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Bank of America Layoffs 2018

When will things improve, I am still hearing about layoffs in Charlotte.
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Year-end bonus and voluntarily resigning

I am considering leaving the bank voluntarily and expect to receive a job offer from another company within the next few months. What is the cutoff for receiving the year-end bonus and 2% annual company contribution if I resign? Do I have to be an... read more
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401K Loan, Layoff and Distrobution

Question to all, I got laid off in 6/2017, I know about penalty on loans that existing, however, can I make an early distrobution from my 401K in calendar year 2018? I know about the penalties and tax implications, however, is there anything that... read more
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Today my colleague and I decided to build sandcastles. In order to meet my colleague, I flew my Gulfstream G650 all the way to the beach where my colleague and his roommates rent a small apartment. Since I have many resources I paid top dollars to... read more
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Blue Cross or Aetna is better?

Now when the insurance enrollment had started I have to pick an insurance company again to fit me and my kids and husband's needs.I've always had Aetna PPO.I know its more than BCBS,but I think its because its better.Can anyone advise if its worth... read more
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Charlotte Commute From Hell

Who else has a Charlotte commute from hell? 70 minutes to go 18 miles this morning. Wake up bank execs - your employees are miserable! Maybe that's how you want it to be!
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Free donuts Friday

It would be a very good idea for management to buy donuts this Friday.
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Good bank!

As an Bank of America employee I can see that this bank has good working environment for all - employees and clients too. Thanks him for that! (/
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18 months severance???

I was told that the associates laid off yesterday were given 18 months severance, no matter how long their tenure. Could they be pulling my leg?
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Drunk & Feeling creative

My goal for the night was to get drunk and troll this site all night but half way through my bottle of alcohol I stopped and thought why not do something more productive with my time and start something I enjoy? I know I like to learn new things... read more
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This is a very sad moment folks

After many years working in IT I was let go recently. First time being let go during my career and having always been dedicated to my job, always wearing the company shirt. This is a very sad moment folks. Hope you don't go through this. It is hard... read more
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Why stay?

I wonder why people stay in this company when there is a constant threat of layoffs.
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