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Kind of shocking

I was laid off in april after 37 years, high evaluations, acheivers club, 3 patents etc. i am so shocked that this is still unresolved. Me thinks kevin doesnt want or care if resolved. Honestly this is not rocket science, its corporate business value... read more
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HPE to buy Avaya CC and UC

In order to provide end to end infrastructure services HPE is discussing potential opportunity to buy Avaya. Since HPE already had networking, Avaya sold its networking bu to Extreme. HPE was loosing lot of deals as against Cisco since the time Cisco... read more
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This is ridiculous

Prospective future employers may question the judgement of someone who hangs on at Avaya through this period. If there is the possibility of a large severance package at the end, then you may be able to explain why you stuck around. But if you are in... read more
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People are leaving on their own

Certanly not 'work as usual' for a while now. People down the chain are finding it hard to meet customers' demand as 3rd parties decommit due to payment issues. We are on the high-risk band. Many atimes we are caught off guard and our planning fails... read more
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Avaya's big mistake

Avaya killed the Norstar / BCM line which still has a lions share of the marketplace only to force them into an Avaya product or lose the business to competition. Same goes for the Nortel CS1000 and CallPilot. There are a ton of Meridian Mail and... read more
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Shortel to buy Avaya's Contact Centre Business

I just talk with a friend who works at Reuters and she confirmed that Shortel (with the help of bankers) will be buying Avaya's CC business. This should be come official early next week. Supposedly here are some synergies are expected but know major... read more
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Avaya's situation is far from unique

Its just as bad if not worse elsewhere. Tech as an employer is day by day becoming a risky place for a prolonged career. Just take a look at Cisco's layoff mesaage board. They have some of the same problems as we have (amplified though given the... read more
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Worst management team

Sad to read the heartfelt comments but I too left as I saw the incompetence of the management team doing more damage. Avaya was great, with great solutions, but they didn't move on when they needed to. They also led by the worst management team I... read more
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More and more work for same pay

I got out in March 2017. I have nothing bad to say about Avaya. I worked on the Contact Center side. They should have kept the products making money and got rid of the ones that didn't, kind of makes sense to me. I was not laid off, but I was burnt... read more
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...extension again??????

Telecommunications company Avaya Inc is seeking an additional 60 days to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring plan, arguing in court papers the extra time will help it craft a plan its stakeholders can support. An extension through Sept. 16 to... read more
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Whatsapp for Business!!!!!

Will Whatsapp for business change or occupy the current Unified Communications market? Is Avaya ready to fight this war? WhatsApp will use the strategy of selling very cost effective business solutions and will earn profit by high volume of market... read more
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Chapter 7 coming soon

Today, Avaya filed for yet another extension to the deadline for finalizing the C-11 plan with creditors. At this point, it should be obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain that the creditors want to liquidate. Prolonging the inevitable by delay tactics... read more
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Globally Telecom companies are in crisis.

Its not just Avaya. Revenues of major telecom companies have declined significantly in last few years. It's important for Avaya to diversify its business or merge with some infrastructure solutions company or service provider. I recently got chance... read more
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TPG's Bondermansteps on his uh, tongue

In case anyone missed it, David Bonderman, the idiot who destroyed Avaya, was forced to resign from Uber's board, per WSJ. Seems he disparaged women, in response to a comment by, get this... Arianna Huffington. The comment was made during an "all-... read more
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Liquidation is imminent

Liquidation is coming. Soon. Creditors are done negotiating. All the flowery, positive sounding rhetoric from Corporate is just nonsense so people will keep working. The "leaders" should at least have enough respect for all the loyal Avaya people to... read more
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Anyone else hearing this?

Just read this in another thread: Hearing from Avaya partners that the suits by Oracle and Black Berry have slowed the Chap 11 significantly and may have pushed Chap 11 exit away, leading to Chapter 7. Hearing from many disgruntled partners that... read more
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Competitive FUD Campaigns

The Cisco and Genesys teams are checking, and creating/contributing to, the negativity on these message boards daily as a FUD/sales strategy. I know because I'm one of them. I feel bad for my ex-Avaya coworkers that are taking this stuff seriously... read more
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Bankruptcy News

I heard at the Santa Clara office that an agreement and alignment has been reached between the stakeholders and final proposal will be made by end of this month. And we shall come out of bankruptcy by July end.
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Got the hike!!

Now these guys are quite after getting the salary hike. No more new rumors and suddenly it feels everything is just right at Avaya. What a World we Live in????
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Apathy E Mail

What does everyone think about that E-mail that talked about Apathy????? Hey management agree to a new contract with a no layoff clause for the duration (3 years) and then we will show interest again... I say we because I am the best in my group and... read more
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Chapter 7 - Reply yes or no

Do you think Avaya will emerge from Chapter 11 or do you think they will sink further and go Chapter 7? My money is on chapter 7 no matter how much Kool-aid they want us to drink, i can't see the creditors wanting anything to do with this nonsense... read more
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The unfortunate few

As one of the networking unfortunates who did not get an offer from Extreme, I can only say that it's a pitty that the leadership of BOTH companies didn't have the freaking common sense to look beyond a person's job title and location before making... read more
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Avaya Bonus

Everyone should fight for their bonus and increment as what the executives asked for their bonus. Pity those that stay and still committed without getting theirs. Pathetic management, pathetic company.
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Appraisal letters - Pune, India

we haven't received the annualappraisal letters yet..... not sure why so much delay or Are we not getting it at all? Did someone asked their managers? My manager in pune said he is waiting for a go ahead from HR.
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Extreme is rolling out an offer

Has anyone been informed by managers if extreme is rolling out an offer - also has any one recieved an offer yet - what about home office is that a valid option
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It has started

Remember that the Extreme APA stated that at least 50% of the people will be retained? Well that also means that up to 49% probably won't be. It's happening now - this week.
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Salary hike or Layoffs in India

What should we expect? Salary hike or layoffs. We have not yet received anticipated salary hike letters in India. Why so much delay? This is not business as usual. Do you have any clue? Please update....
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Only $100M.... tooooo bad

So Avaya networking was worth only $100M. Isn't it too bad? And there were no bidders at all. This clearly shows how poor was Avaya's networking business. And now I am pretty convinced that other products UC and CC of Avaya would follow the same. The... read more
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Creditors retain a high powered law firm...

as conflict counselors. It's pretty obvious that the creditors aren't having any of the BS restructuring plan or the strong arm tactics Avaya is trying to use to force them into a bad deal. This lawfirm specializes in dealing with difficult... read more
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It's official. The networking business is being sold to Extreme. Finally, we will be out from under the insanity known as Avaya. Good-bye to the corrupt, ineffective leadership that has driven Avaya into the ground. I can only hope that you are... read more
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Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

So now we have sales people from the WSJ and USA Today drumming up business by posting rumors without substance...... There is currently no filing listed at the prime clerk website by AT&T of this nature, except for them wanting to protect their... read more
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Heard from solid sources about all hands call for networking employees - seems extreme ceo was also there - any updates from ppl who attended ?
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