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Allstate s---s.

Allstate s---s. Worse service ever. Geico all the way.
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Atlanta Adjusters Layoffs and Call-Backs

What a pathetic excuse for a company. They laid off a bunch of adjusters in Atlanta and now are calling them back because they realized VA and QFC are a joke. Then the ones they called back were informed they had pay their severance back. Allstate... read more
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More layoffs at Allstate?

Do we know if we are done with layoffs for a while? I thought the last round was it at least for the foreseeable future, but then I saw a few people mention more incoming layoffs and I am no longer sure. Do we have any information on possible layoffs... read more
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We don’t mind being busy and working hard!

Allstate already trimmed the fat with fiolettsk.rus. Now they are hiring field adjusters here and there in several large markets after realizing QFC is creating more work such as supplements and we are paying more rental. Millennials are shaping the... read more
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Being noble and loyal will bring you nothing at Allstate

To all of you self righteous noble employees, you are nothing but a number to the big guys in Chicago, Texas or next stop Bombay. Your time will come and the only thing your ambition and fine attitude will have got you is an ulcer. Watch your pension... read more
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Allstate will always need field adjusters

Allstate needs field adjusters, albeit not as many as there were before fiolettsk.rus. Shops are starting to push back in many markets with comments like,”we’re not going to do your job for you by taking photos or calling a virtual department.” There... read more
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Allstate Layoffs 2018

I needed to vent a bit as there are many rumors about layoffs in Northbrook.
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Allstate management

It's clear reading the posts that managers are viewing this site and responding. How come? Don't you feel comfortable to call a staff meeting and ask your subordinates what their concerns are? Ha. Just think if you actually shared the information you... read more
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Withholding severance for months

I'm certain HR isn't answering questions due to liability concerns. I can tell you it's sad what an organization of this magnitude has done to the employees in regards to severance. In our state if you were provided severance (in this case not... read more
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Next stop India

So just wait and see what is in the pipeline next it's not fake news . Don't believe that any jobs are safe at Allstate, as they ready their India call center it's up an running . Ask management and watch them deny any knowledge and tell you no it... read more
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No, we can't all just leave Allstate

I'm curious about the people just saying "leave". Do you live in a wonderful world of no bills and money trees? Its not something you can just leave and hope it works out. You guys must be management hoping to save a severance payout. I was going... read more
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Loss of field adjusters will hurt customers

Well I can speak for the jobs being sent to India. One of my coworkers ( I am an impacted employee no longer with the company ) that works in the DOC in Irving has been offered a TDY job as a trainer in India for 6mos.. The company plans on sending... read more
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Too many things are wrong

I've been a field adjuster with Allstate for some time now. HR did their geographical mapping in all areas to determine who they will involuntary terminate their positions. It looked like Ray Charles picked these adjusters. I was one of them. Does... read more
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Anyone receive severance payment yet?

I'm in the So Cal area and speaking with others that were also laid off it looks like no payments have been made yet at least in this market.
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Anyone know about unemployment??

Can a person draw unemployment after being laid off while waiting on a severance package? I have a feeling that Allstate will drag their feet getting the severance payment out. Just wondering if anyone knows... Thanks in advance.
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This could have been handled much better

I can't speak for everyone, and I can't blame Allstate for wanting to stay up on technology even if that means letting some go. But this had to be in the making. Why hire someone, have them relocate knowing full well they are going to be laying them... read more
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For those who say Allstate didn't have layoffs

Of course they try to keep it as quiet as possible. It's only announced if they are legally required to or a reporter gets wind of it. Get you head out of the sand... read more
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Hiring among layoffs

It seems that there will be 2,250 new positions at Allstates Charlotte expansion. This would ordinarily be great news, if it was not happening while many other employees who have been with the company for years are getting laid off... read more
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Work moving to India

An announcement will be sent out to Auto Claims on Friday about many of the jobs will start moving to India later this year or sooner. As a leader this makes me sick that knowing there is nothing to replace these positions. Allstate is lying to its... read more
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Layoffs are happening, Allstate is just keeping them on the low

Nobody in my office knew about the amount of layoffs going on in other offices. We haven't had a town hall meeting since the qfc announcement back in the end of last year/ early this year (don't remember exactly when it was. I see a lot of managers... read more
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Severance paperwork??

Anyone on here getting laid off the 14th? Just wondering. I turned in my paperwork for severance pkg. a few weeks ago and when I called to see if they received it I was told I will receive a signed copy back in the mail. Has anyone received their... read more
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Town Hall Meeting with Tom Wilson 7/26

I missed this. Didn't realize it was so early in the day. I can't find it recorded anywhere, anyone there or watch it that can tell me what he talked about?
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Exit interview

For retirees here jealous and thanks for service. Curious what did mgt or hr flunky (there's a waste of a dept) say to u in exit interview and what did u share if u can share. Curious if that is just of looks do they write anything down?
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So, is this still supposed to be an announcement date?
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QuickFoto Claim is not working

Express employee here. Qfc is a complete disaster. We will be losing so many customers. I take calls from just as many older customers who don't use technology, as younger folks who do. So to the customers who have been with us for 20+ years we are... read more
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I share your pain

I was an Allstate employee for 24 years before having to retire due to a medical condition. During my tenure I was able to see many of the changes that happened at Home Office and I could see the writing on the wall for field techs and drive-in techs... read more
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July 18th announcement? ??

So whomever posted about this "announcement " on the 18th why have you not responded to the inquiries about what it's for?
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Continuous Improvement

So, who else had their meeting? What do you think will come from it? I see a lot of accountability, and a lot of rude awakenings!
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This has to change

How do you let our voice be heard? Our insureds will suffer, claimants as all can attest are always dirt to can QFC continue? Every shop I know hates, already hates Allstate by reputation = now it's obvious they are screwing out... read more
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Morale at all time low at Allstate

Performance doesnt matter the officers of company all have stock options that increase when they announce layoffs in press. Its clear how bad morale is i mean they had to have a 1 day training course to ORDER us to be happy and made "leadership" the... read more
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What to expect?

With how they laid off people in a very secretive manner on June 14, I really doubt the July 18 announcement will be for layoffs. Remember, "impacted" (laid off) employees were emailed an invite the DAY BEFORE to join a conference call that was... read more
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Allstate will lose market share they are trying to cut costs

I wish management would read this board, but that's to much to ask they don't even ask workers for input. Home office puts things in place and does not realize the negative effect it has on the company. I've meant a lot of people at Allstate that... read more
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Is (supposedly) a corporate value. I've learned more about managements plans here than on any Corp emails. Sad, but not surprised. As 20 year employee company has lost market share and respect since de mutualization and is run by execs who have stock... read more
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who is next?

as a 20 year employee, wondering which department is next for the hatchet? low moral in my office, with the MOI unit wiped out, multiple field techs gone. customer service is down the tubes. I pay premiums for someone to look at my car, not take... read more
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