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Follow the Money

Allscripts Executive Management has absolutely no clue how to run a business and think just buying other companies will solve their problem. They outright lie to their employees and all hire their friends and neighbors to run the place. While this... read more
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Allscripts/EIS Synergy

EIS and Allscripts seem to be perfect for each other. Both companies celebrate clueless management, disappointing products, H1B/Outsourcing abuse and constant layoffs. Two sh--ty tastes, better together!
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December layoffs at Allscripts

I keep hearing rumors about another round of layoffs coming in December, but can't get any concrete info on it. Does anybody know more about this? Is there any truth to the rumor, or are people just throwing dates around? I keep wondering if there... read more
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Ongoing current layoffs

They are laying off all scripts employees right now. A company that has grown by acquisitions and never grew up. They have people in executive management that have "payed their dues" rather than having an ounce of business acumen. A company that... read more
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Really. You believe that what they say is true.

Allscripts managers and directors and VPs have always had a propensity to lie. It's their culture. Doesn't make it right, but it is what it is. Prepare for the worst and accept your fate. Move on. You'll be better off elsewhere. They are a crap... read more
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Tick tock

Keep believing the liars. No sympathy for you
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Halloo out there, the end is near!!!

All you old Medic/Misys peeps - be aware! Big LAYOFFs going to hit 9/30. Yup that's a Friday - they always like to do it at the end of the pay period, right? The end is near. Winter is coming....
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2017 Layoff Updates for AHS

Do you have any updates on fiolettsk.rus that may be happening this summer?
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Fall is here. And you know what that means?

Lay offs! Allscripts always gives employees a great bonus of firing people right at the holidays. It's always such a wonderful thing to have assholes fire people at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. C'mon, Paul Black, John Mayr, Wayne Brummett, Jess... read more
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Idiots that represent the company

Contracting out work to people that know nothing about the product leaves a pretty shitty impression of the company and the people that work for it. Stop being so cheap and hire people that know what they're doing. You're lacking in customer service... read more
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Inhumane Bunch of petty crooks

Clients Beware!!! ... Allscipts is pulling out patient information from their client databases and selling it in the black market to cover up it's losses. Whomsoever objects to these illegal activities are being laid of by the nutcase management... read more
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If you have not caught on Allscripts is not the company you may have knew, know. It is a shell of company being feasted on by institutional investment groups. The leadership consistently shows it knows nothing of running or "righting" a software... read more
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More layoffs in August

There were more lay offs in August. I just heard that someone who was laid off committed suicide. He was someone very high up in management, 30 years with the company. So sad. This evil empire continues to destroy lives without thought...
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Allscripts got what is deserved

Karma is a bitch and Allscripts managers are dogs so do you see the connection ? Allscripts got a kick on the rear from DOD and more layoffs are on the cards...poor poor Paul Black..where will he hide now?
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All the managers are evil..

Paul Black is a thief Jesse Tripp is an asshole and lies Wayne Brummett? I think he's Hitler.
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Allscripts knew they will not win the defense deal. Just pretending with employees that all is well. Time to see who will be shown the exit door

Will it be US folks or india folks to be sent(kicked)out in the name of resizing or right-sizing or slim-sizing or sick-sizing. Paul never lessons lessons from sluggish employees and third degree low class bosses and managers who seem to know nothing... read more
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Allscripts Lost Bid on Huge DOD DHMSM Contract

Polish up those resumes folks. Allscripts' effort to get the Department of Defense's massive DHMSM EHR contract has failed -- no surprise. Hobbling together a ragtag bunch of people with US passports -- while always intending to outsource the work to... read more
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Do you know Selbe Bartlett!

That woman played with our jobs. I wish she could have done some research before introducing something so disastrous. I can tell you that the changes she came up with is not working. I was talking to my friends who are still in this shithole and they... read more
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Racist manager

Layed off from Allscripts less than a year of me being a permanent employee due to my manager being racist and having NO training on how to be a first time manager. When talking to Sr. Management about Lindas racial comments she thought were funny... read more
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More layoffs coming...

Polish up those resumes folks...they've got more cuts in the hopper... watch those end of pay-periods...
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Here's the truth...

... we actually don't have any information - we just rant.
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Hah. Keep our mouths shut.

You cannot stop people from the truth because YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH. Bunch of asswipes
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You best kiss your jobs good bye.. Save your money!!!

allscripts for sale, poor Jesse Tripp and John Mayr and Paul Black. Now, boys, make sure you save your pennies!
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50 Shades of F***ED UP! The Indian story of the line of fire(ing)!

All these unemployed Americans pouring hateful comments about outsourcing and AllIndia. What the f do you'll know about what's going on in India? We're getting paid twice as less as you'll, we work twice as more than you'll, we get twice as screwed... read more
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