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interstate batteries will save us!!

How many of you think that we are to far gone and will be prime for the buyout that's coming, or that interstate batteries will save us from certain doom?
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Interstate Batteries

Going to be interesting to see the reaction of commercial customers when all Advance locations stock Interstate Batteries in the spring.
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AAP Takeover

AAP is now considered a takeover target (per Jim Cramer CNBC). Other than Carl Icahn, who would want to buy this train wreck?
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CQ Independent Exit Strategy

How many of you CQ Independent owners have an exit strategy from AAP? Could be from retirement, health issues, or that Advance dumps you. I am weighing my options and have wondered what other owners may be doing. I was approached by another supplier... read more
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AAP giving rides now??

Went on the site on my phone and it says *call *get directions *get a ride uber link maybe? The link would not work but check it out I have a screenshot but can't figure out how to post here
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Christmas Party?

Do any Advance stores have a Christmas party for employees? I've had several of my people comment that the local carquest guys are having a party as they have always done at their store. Several of my drivers were invited but no one else.
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Will you stay or will you go?

Auto Zone and O' riles looking for good people! They treat you better!
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Sale your stock and be happy

A smart person sales the stock and invest else where! Good people let go and no thanks! No parts, put some in each store and deliver from any where, what a joke! Gas baby, gas, baby!
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6 day work week

Has anyone else went to a 6 day work week? That's the new direction all the GM's received in my district. Effective immediately.
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News Alert - Triangle Business Journal Article

TG sees opportunity after challenging year at Advance Auto Parts. He believes Advance Auto Parts must become more focused on helping customers. Problems solved!!
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Failure of layoffs

When a company underperforms, they always cut payroll because it's the easiest thing to cut fast. But it always causes customer service issues and lost sales for months to come. Then they see even worse numbers and figure if they add hours to... read more
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Attacking independents

In my area(Maine) we've been given print outs of their customers purchases and pricing and told to go after them full bore.I don't like this,I don't think it will work,and will piss off the independents.The fact that we have access to all their info... read more
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CAM safe for at least two years

There is nothing in the works about eliminating the CSM or CAM position. They have plans put in place for the CAM position until 2020 I know of for sure. 20000 TNP accounts is one of the goals. Not sure where this poster got the info, but any chance... read more
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Cookies for Joe?

As a longtime CAM, it’s the time of year where my customers start looking for Christmas goodies from their vendors. As usual, it becomes a bit of a competition between suppliers as the customers always throw in your face what your competitor did... read more
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Most likely more layoffs because the company is a joke

I really anticipate fiolettsk.rus to start happening once they realize their plan for an explosive 1st quarter has all but backfired. There is low to no availability on the most common of parts. The gas3 thing is a joke. The company is a joke. Sell... read more
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First weekend since "hour cutbacks"

So it was the first weekend since our GM told us our store was cutting back hours by 20-30 per week. Full-time partspros cut to 32 hours a week, part-time salesman cut to 10-15 hrs a week. We don't even have staff to function as a store now, had 2... read more
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3rd Quarter Meeting

Well, today's 3rd quarter meeting here in Raleigh was a joke. The room, which is usually over-flowing with employees, was at only 3/4 capacity. Many of the senior leaders were missing. But Captain Potato Chip, otherwise known as the $28 Million Man... read more
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Store GM Compensation

What's going on with GM pay? I heard there will be a change along with the cams early next year.
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New CAM Pay Program

What’s the consensus on the new pay program? I don’t see any possibility of making more money. I can’t take another cut after losing a company car. Time to start looking hard.
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Excess Vehicles

Just take a look around the stores at all the vehicles sitting around that we don't have enough drivers for. What do you reckon this is costing the company? Of course if they hadn't cut so many labor hours we might have not lost some of these... read more
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Thanksgiving Day Stores Closed

Don't think for one minute they closed the stores on Thanksgiving Day for the employees benefit. It's all about money and they are hurting right now because financially they are in trouble. They saved a bunch of money by closing stores on... read more
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Travel Ban

So corporate issues a travel ban for all field personnel today for the indefinite future. So that equates to zero sales productivity for the unforeseen future. Another nail. dumb--ses.
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KC Store Closures

Hearing from vendors that a large number of Kansas City stores are being closed. Anybody hear anything?
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Don't fall for this smoke and mirror games with shares price

They can make those numbers look anyway they want them too. Don't fall for this smoke and mirror games they are playing with everybody. I bet this stock don't stay up there long before it starts dropping. This company is in trouble. It paid 2.1... read more
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Holiday Layoffs

Nice...start layoffs to coincide with the holidays. Great news to have to tell your family during what should be a happy time of year. Burn in hell you low life’s.
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More labor hours being cut....

CDL cut 20 more hours out of the schedule for the week beginning Nov 26th... Under 300 now....lowest in 10 years...Labeled on the schedule as 4th Qt adjustments
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Lay off

How where layoffs decided? Do you think handled fairly? A lot people were effected.
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Las Vegas stores closing

1 confirmed store closure out of 8 so far!!! But you guys steadily delete the post about the great DM WE HAVE OUT HERE!!! MAYBE THIS WILL REALLY OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
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Car Loan Payment Delinquency Rates Bad as Depth of 2008 Recession

That's right folks. Millions are defaulting on their auto loans. That's what happens when you sell 60K SUV's to McDonald's employees, part time workers, and anyone who can lie really well on an application for credit. And you thought record auto... read more
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High FIve Fever!

High fives abound at the corporate offices as people dump their stock as quick as possible. Hilarious to watch.
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What do medical & insurance claims have to do with 3rd Qtr results?

The 3rd qtr press release says " Adjusted SG&A was 35.5% of net sales. The increase was primarily driven by 131 basis points of higher labor, medical and insurance claims." Can someone explain? It mentions higher claims not premiums, so is this... read more
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Shareholders Reprieve. Last chance.

If you have stock, you now have a short window to dump it and recover some money. Last chance.
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Advance Advertising Mistake

Over the weekend, I heard our radio ad for Advance promoting battery and wiper installs, code reading, and alternator and starter testing all for free. And a commercial account would want to support us why? No wonder we are heading back to 100%... read more
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No more night deliveries to some advance stores

Raleigh dc is stopping night delivery to some Advance stores. Drivers only go when occasional needed item not avail from VA and now they r stopping that. Taking stores off routes but havent told drivers officially yet. Vollume on trucks from raleigh... read more
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Another Nail in the Coffin **RIP**

Get ready for the next nail in the coffin this week. Q3 results, followed quickly by layoffs. Numbers are horrible.
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AAP Executive Salaries

Do an online search for ""AAP Executive Salaries". This will make you sick.
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AAP Stock is starting to rebound!!!!,

Hey great news! AAP Stock is back and things are starting to look good again. We will be releasing our 3rd quarter results November 13th and this will push the stock even higher. Better buy all you can now before it’s to late. Don’t believe all the... read more
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Delivery Fleet Elimination.

Delivery vehicles going away 100% at many locations. Contract carriers will be used if available locally. Otherwise reduced to a maximum of 2 vehicles. Coming soon.
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